Ally Pally Festival

I had a fantastic weekend away recently in London. After working a half day, I travelled down to London with my mum last Friday where I was reunited with university friends, people who I hadn’t seen since my undergraduate graduation (almost two years ago!). We went to see a production of Dr Faustus starring Game of Thrones star Kit Harington on the Friday evening. It wasn’t the best production I have ever seen of the play, but Harington was so beautiful, particularly when he was just in his boxers for the majority of the second half!

Kit Harington!

One of my friends found out about a food and drinks festival at Alexandra Palace on the following day, which led me to make my visit worth a full weekend. I stayed at my mums’ friends’ flat in Crouch End, which meant it was about a 40 minute walk to Ally Pally. I could’ve caught the bus, but I hate catching buses in places I’m unfamiliar with (I always get the tube when in London and avoid the bus at all costs).

After some good old exercise walking up hills, I reached the Palm Court entrance of Alexandra Palace. Shortly after arriving I was reunited with my university friends. We were all together at midday, so an hour into the Street Food and Craft Beer Festival. It was fairly busy at this point, and it certainly picked up later in the afternoon!

The smells were amazing while we walked past the various food and drinks stalls. I shared a pitcher of Pimms with one of my friends, which we drank with straws in the jug while walking around. The pitcher was full of fruit, which tasted nice since it was infused with Pimms and lemonade. It was difficult to decide what to have for lunch; you could have freshly cooked Jamaican ribs, jerk chicken, pulled pork burgers, hot dogs and various kinds of wraps.

Gorgeous Pimms

In the end, I went for Jamaican food from a stall which I first saw when arriving. The food looked amazing, colourful and ready to be served in large bowls. I opted for a lentil burger with tropical slaw, tomato relish, chick peas and kale with avocado. The food was bursting with flavour! It was nice to eat something I’ve not tried before.

Lentil burger with Jamaican goodness

A food festival is not complete without something sweet for dessert. All of my friends and I had the same delicious sweet treat. Banoffee waffle: a warm sugary waffle served with sliced banana, toffee sauce and white chocolate chips which melted into the waffle!

Banoffe waffle

Feeling full and satisfied, I relaxed with my friends on the grass in front of Alexandra Palace. The weather was beautiful the whole time we were there, and the views of London are amazing. It was nice to see so many people enjoying themselves, laughing with good company, trying out new food and relaxing in the sun while looking at the capital of England.

A view of London
Alexandra Palace

I really enjoyed myself at the food and drinks festival. It was so nice to meet up with uni friends and update each other on how we’re all doing while savouring delicious food and drink in the sunshine. I actually caught the sun a bit, my face was slightly red as well as the back of my neck. Here’s hoping that the nice weather returns to the UK soon!


Happy reading and blogging!


Clare Bear


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