Goals update #4

Sorry that this blog is a bit late! I aim to post my goals update on the first day of the month, but I’ve been quite busy recently. I’m normally be at choir practice on Monday evenings, but there are voice tests tonight. I don’t need to do one luckily since I only recently joined the Leicester Philharmonic Choir (lucky me!).

I have a bit of a confession to make- I’ve not been following all of my goals. I’m nowhere near losing two stone for my sister’s wedding (which is less than a month away), I’ve not been writing poetry every day and I’ve not really become more involved with feminism (e.g. joining a society or going on a demonstration). However, I managed to tick off two of the goals pretty early on this year: find a full-time graduate job and join a large choir.

Here’s a reminder of what I set myself 4 months ago!

I’m not going to be negative and bitter towards myself for not keeping up with the goals I set on New Years Day. I obviously still have another seven months until the next New Year, so I still have time to work towards these targets. I definitely won’t be able to lose two stone by 6th June, when my sister gets married. I have a lovely bridesmaid’s dress though which fits nicely, so I’m working on not putting weight on before the big day (it would be nice to lose a few pounds if I can).

I am tempted to change how I write these posts. Rather than looking at how I’ve kept or failed to meet my goals, I’d like to do a monthly blog as a round up of what I’ve done each month. These goals updates are sort of like this already, but I will focus less on the resolutions now. It is challenging to keep up New Years resolutions; it’s easy to forget about them after just a month (or even less time than that). It takes a lot of motivation and determination to keep on top of them, and no one really hears about them after January has past.

Putting the goals aside, April went by quickly. I signed up for a run at work called the Iron Run, which is on Saturday 1st October. You can find out more about it here, in a blog I wrote about four runs that I’m doing this year! I’ve yet to go out for a second run which is more than 10km. I have been keeping up the running though and going to the gym.

I sang in my first concert with the Leicester Philharmonic Choir on Saturday 16th April. It was a fantastic first experience with the choir, especially because we sang a lesser well-known piece by a composer called Paul Patterson, who attended the concert! A couple of my friends also came along to watch, and they said that they enjoyed it.

I wrote my second guest post for Viral Feminism about the ‘Why I don’t need feminism’ movement. After seeing images on the internet of people holing placards with written messages on, explaining why they believe they don’t need feminism, I wanted to write a blog about why in fact we do still need it. I would like to write another post on my own blog looking into the word feminism, it’s connotations and whether we should just be referring to ‘Gender equality’ (even though technically feminism and gender equality are the same thing).

I have a lot of things to look forward to this year, including a 4 day trip to Guernsey this Friday! I’ve never been before so I’m really looking forward to going. The four different runs should be fun and challenging; the one which I’m particularly nervous about is the half marathon towards the end of October as this will be my biggest challenge yet fitness wise!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear 🙂


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