Stir fry style stuffed peppers

It’s been ages since I last posted a blog about food. I’ve been focusing a lot recently on feminism and fitness, and I’ve not really had the chance to get creative with cooking, until tonight.

When my mum’s out and it’s just my dad and I for dinner, we both tend to have either pork or fish. My mum doesn’t eat pork and she only eats certain types of fish. I took out some white fish and prawns this morning to defrost during the day. I was going to incorporate the fish into a stir fried rice, which is normally an easier option but is still tasty.

However, my dad came back home with food shopping, which included lots of peppers. That’s when I decided to get creative tonight and try out stuffed peppers with stir fried rice. Rather than having the fish in the rice, I made up the fish with oyster sauce and put this in two peppers, which were roasted in the oven, and I served a stir fried rice separately.

Firstly I prepared the peppers so that they were reading for stuffing. As I have done before, I took the seeds out of the peppers and placed them in boiling water for about 10 minutes in order to soften them.

Peppers softening away

While the peppers were softening, I chopped up two red onions and two gloves of garlic; these were cooked in a large pan of oil on a medium heat.

Onions and garlic

I then added four small portions of white fish and some prawns. The fish soon became little white flakes amongst the onion mix and prawns. I then added about two tablespoons of Chinese oyster sauce, to help bring the dish together and add taste.

Very flaky fish- sort of reminds me of crab meat

Once the fish mixture was cooked and the sauce incorporated, I divided the mixture between the two peppers. There was actually quite a bit of mixture left over, which my dad is having for his lunch at work tomorrow. The fish stuffed peppers were placed in the oven for 20 minutes at gas mark 5.

While the peppers were roasting away, I made the stir fried rice. To start with, I beat up two eggs in a mug and cooked up a small omelette. Once cooked I placed the omelette on the side, as I added this back into the rice later. I also cooked up some rice for half of the recommended cooking time while preparing the tasty bits and bobs which went into the stir fried rice.

I cut into small pieces some butternut squash, courgette and baby plum tomatoes. I softened the vegetables in the pan in order of cooking time i.e. the butternut squash first because it is the hardest vegetable, followed by the courgette and then the tomatoes.  

Colourful veg!

I absolutely love the taste of Chinese five spice and soy sauce! I added this to the vegetable mix along with the egg omelette and then the rice after I drained it. I mixed everything well together and added a splash more of soy sauce just to add a bit more flavour.

Egg and vegetable stir fried rice

While having dinner I placed the stir fried rice in the middle of the table so that my dad and I could help ourselves. I had the yellow stuffed pepper and my dad had the green one.


The fish and prawn mixture may not look very appetising in the pepper, but it was tasty! The reason why it looks so dark is because of the oyster sauce. The red onions also contributed to the darkness of the dish, but overall having a Chinese meal stuffed in a pepper worked well. It made a nice change and was a different way to eat something Chinesey.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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