Running mad!

I’ve just realised that this year is going to be a very active one. I’m participating in 4 races/runs! All of them are very different, some more challenging than others and some with an element of fun.

The first run I’m doing this year is my second 10km Race for Life, in aid of Cancer Research UK. This will be on Sunday 10th July in my home town. I ran my first ever 10km race last year, which I completed in 1 hour and 11 minutes. I intend to beat that time this year, as well as raise more money for such a worthy cause.

Almost at the finish line in my first Race for Life!

On Saturday 20th August, I will be participating in the Color Run with some friends in a city called Birmingham, which is about 40 miles from where I live. The Color Run is a 5km course which you can run, walk or even dance around. You turn up at the start line dressed in white and by the end of the race, you are absolutely covered in colour! I had a lot of fun at a Color Run in London about 3 years ago with some friends from university. The Color Run supports a charity called NSPCC, which provides a childline for young children in need of help. I might have a little jog or a run on the course, but my main intention is to get covered in coloured powder like I did in the photo below!

The happiest 5k on the planet!

The third race I’m participating in this year is with my work colleagues. I signed up today for the Iron Run, which we’re doing on the 1st October in a place called Kettering, and our team is called Universal Titans (I work for a company called Universal Textiles, so Titans sounds great for a team name!)  There are different options in terms of distance, but essentially the Iron Run is a challenging obstacle course with lots of mud! Some of the obstacles include hurdles, rope climbs, mud pits and even a water slide. I am doing a 6km route with my work colleagues, which I think is plenty enough distance when you have obstacles to tackle. I probably won’t be running much for this race either, since it will be even more physically challenging than just running a long distance, but it will hopefully be a lot of fun!


The final race this year is going to be the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced yet. After successfully running 10km last year, I am going to be running my first half marathon on Sunday 23rd October in my home town! There is the option to run a full marathon, but I think it’s best if I start off with doing a half marathon first. I’ve ran 14.5km so far, which I did non-stop in 1 hour and 37 mins just over a month ago. I’ve not had the chance yet to run that distance again or further, but I’m hoping to soon (maybe even this weekend). I’m not setting myself a time for this race, I just want to be able to complete it non-stop. I also want to continue to prove that you don’t have to be thin to participate in long distance runs.


I’ve not been out for a run for a while actually, but I’ve been going to the gym and have walked to work a few times recently. Now that it’s staying lighter for longer in the evenings (and the weather’s sort of improving), I could go out for a run after finishing work when I have a free evening. Despite struggling with losing body weight at the moment, I’m feeling fitter than I ever have! I’m noticing this at the gym when I’m doing cardio exercises. I can start earlier and last longer on higher intensities, which is a good sign. The muscles in my upper thighs are becoming more prominent again, and I guess they will increase in size when I start running longer distances.

So I’ve got some exciting months ahead in terms of fitness. I can’t wait to do them all!

Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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