Exciting news!

Note: this was first published on my other blog Poclaretry.


Many of you may remember that I posted a podcast on this blog recently. This podcast is a recording of last month’s poetry evening called Find The Right Words, which I’m featured on! I read out a poem called The time I found £45, and overall it was a great success.

The organisers of Find The Right Words asked people who read out their poems and attend the poetry evenings if they’d like to read at a festival at a theatre called the Curve in Leicester. I decided to volunteer because I’d like to have a go at reading out more of my works at different venues and listen to other people read out their works too.  The event at the Curve is called theInside Out festival which is taking place over a period of nearly two weeks in May.

So on Saturday 7th May at 1:40pm, I have a 10 minute slot at the Curve! I don’t know whether it’ll be in the Main Theatre, the Studio or around the foyer area, but I’m so excited to be reading at the Curve. This will be my first time reading poetry in front of people at a new venue, so it will be nerve wracking but a great opportunity to see more people interested in poetry outside of Find The Right Words. I’ve also never read poetry for 10 minutes before, so I’ll need to have a small collection at the ready!

Find The Right Words has a 2 hour slot from 1-3pm and everyone who is performing has a 10 minute slot. I’ll certainly be there from start to finish, in order to support those reading out their works, but also to feel inspired. I will be reading many poems which I’ve performed before at Find The Right Words, but I’d like to present some new material on the day.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear



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