A refreshing commute

It’s almost been six weeks since I started my new job as a copywriter. It’s also been about that amount of time since I last walked to my place of work. Many of you may remember my blog on adaptability, where I explained how I’ve been having to change my lifestyle to incorporate my fitness. I previously worked in the city centre, which is over two miles from where I live, but now that I have a car and it only takes eight minutes to drive to my new location for work, it’s been more than tempting to drive to work everyday.

Driving to work doesn’t mean that I have been neglecting my fitness. I have been going to the gym in the morning before starting work, often managing to head down twice a week. I have also been going to the gym or going for a run outside during the weekends. However, I forgot how nice and refreshing it is to walk to work and back home each day.

I used to walk on average 4.8 miles a day  (24 miles a week) when I worked as a note taker in town. I did this rather than getting the bus, because catching the bus where I live is expensive, and parking is the same story. I only got the bus when I needed to get back home quickly or when the weather took a turn for the worst.

To get to my new place of work is the same distance as it is to where I previously worked, 2.4 miles, just in the opposite direction. I decided to ditch my car today and walk, as I had nothing to rush back home for and the weather was so nice this morning. It took me 45 minutes to get to work, which is what it used to take me to get into town. I also walked back home and almost got caught in some rain, but I was lucky to avoid it.

I had my headphones in and listened to a mix bag of music while walking, and my brain felt refreshed. I used to get all sorts of ideas flowing in my head when walking to work, ideas for blog posts and poetry. The music somehow helped as well, and I would often write down these ideas that magically appeared in my head as soon as I got to work.

The creativity in my brain’s getting back into gear

Since it only takes me eight minutes to drive to work in the morning, I don’t get much time to think and I’m almost always concentrating on the road. Therefore my brain doesn’t get a chance to think of anything creative. Walking on my own with music playing in my headphones seems to be the best time for me to really think about all sorts of things, including thinking deeply about my life and even light hearted stuff.

I typed down an idea for a blog on my phone when I arrived at work today. I’m hoping to get this idea posted next week; I want to spend plenty of time on it as it will be a personal blog which I hope others will relate to or find comfort in.

Now that I’ve tried out walking to work, I definitely want to do it more often if I don’t get to head down to the gym. There will be days of course when I have to drive to work because there are some evenings when I have something going on. Walking overall though will save money on petrol and like with my previous job, I’m sitting down for the majority of the day, so walking is nice to do. I still went out for a ten minute walk during my lunch break, as I get bum and sometimes leg ache from sitting on a chair all day!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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