Keeping up the speed

I seem to have a favourite cardio machine at the moment. Recently each time I’ve been going to the gym, I’ve been using a cross trainer machine which has proven to be a really good workout. I tried to describe it the best I could in a recent blog, but here’s a photo of it, so you now know what I’m talking about.

Cross tainer type machine thing

It’s a good workout because you have to push down with your legs in a different way to a standard cross trainer machine, which makes it feel harder and means your burn off more calories (not that I’m a calorie counter). It can feel awkward at first to get started when you step onto the machine, but once you get going it’s fine.

I went to the gym this afternoon and spent an hour on the cross trainer. My aim was to keep my speed above 100 spins per minute (spm), which I could check on the front panel. I went up to 112 spm at one moment, but generally I was between 102-108 spm (well, I’m assuming that’s what spm means).

The only thing about going to the gym before work is that I’m constantly checking the time, since I don’t want to be running late. This has meant that I’ve been spinning fairly fast on the cross trainer, which led me to discover that I can do about 1km in 20 minutes. Therefore I decided to set myself a target today of completing 3km in 1 hour.

However, there was a twist. In order to make it even more challenging workout, I changed the intensity every 5 minutes but kept the speed above 100spm. There are 25 levels on the cross trainer. At the moment I can manage level 15 while keeping the speed up, which I’m pleased with. I did one minute at level 1 to warm up and let the machine identify my heart rate, then alternated between levels 5, 10 and 15.

I actually beat my target slightly and completed 3.03km in 1 hour!


I felt amazing after the cross trainer workout. I was really going for it, even when I found it more difficult to keep up the speed at level 15. I was covered in sweat, especially around my arm pits. The only problem with this work out is that there is no fan on the front panel. The majority of cardio machines in the gym have a fan at the top of the front panel to blow out cool air, but the cross trainers I like to use don’t.

Sweating it out!

Well tomorrow sees the end of lent, which means I can eat meat again! You’ll probably see a blog post about me eating meat again tomorrow or in the very near future. I plan on having a bacon hot cross bun cob/roll for breakfast tomorrow morning! I will also probably end up eating lots of chocolate, as is the Easter tradition nowadays, but I can burn that off after the long Easter weekend.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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