Fish stir fried rice

Lent is almost over; it’s hard to believe that I’ve not eaten meat for six weeks! There have only been a few occasions where I’ve missed meat, but 0verall I enjoy the challenge of abstaining from it. I like experimenting with different vegetarian dishes, such as lentil bolognese and vegetarian lasagne.

I haven’t given up fish, so technically I’ve been a pescetarian. I like eating fish, especially cod, fishcakes and prawns.  I also enjoy a tasty Chinese stir fry, which my dad taught me to do when I was younger (well, I watched him make it and then I followed suit). It had been a while since I last cooked a stir fry, so tonight I made a fish stir fried rice meal for my dad and I.

I used three varieties of fish which all have their own unique flavour; white fish, white squid and prawns. I took these out this morning to defrost during the day.

So long and thanks for all the fish

There is a lot of preparation involved in making a Chinese style stir fry, but it doesn’t take long to cook. I chopped up three small cloves of garlic, three small red onions, some green pepper and butternut squash. I also added some pinto beans which I cooked yesterday to go in my salad for lunch.

Prep done

In a large frying pan I cooked the onions and garlic in oil until they started to soften. I then added the butternut squash, which I cooked for a few mins before adding the green pepper. At the last minute I decided to add some red pepper, which added some more colour to the dish.

It looks a bit Mexican

After cooking the vegetables for a few minutes, I sliced the white fish and squid, then added them along with the prawns into the pan. It didn’t take long at all for all of the fish to cook, and the white fish broke down into small flakes.

Fish just added

To add even more flavour, I poured in some fish sauce and sprinkled my favourite spice, Chinese five spice. I absolutely love the taste of five spice, and the smell too. While the fish and vegetables were simmering, I cooked some rice for half of the recommended cooking time. I also whisked two eggs and cooked them to add to the rice, to make the dish egg fried rice style. Once the rice was cooked, I drained it and then added to the pan with the fish, vegetables and egg.

Fishy stir fried rice!

Making a Chinese dinner also means I can get out the Chinese dishes that we have in the home. We have a set of four blue and white plates, bowls, large spoons with a resting plate and small fish for resting chopsticks on. I like eating with chopsticks despite being bad at using them!

Feeling Chinesey

Overall the stir fry tasted nice, especially with the five spice and fish sauce. I probably should’ve drained the fish and vegetable mix before adding the rice as there was a lot of liquid, which made the dish a little bit stodgy. Other than that, my dad and I enjoyed it. Only three full days left to go before I can eat meat again- I’ll be having a hot cross bun with bacon for breakfast on Easter Sunday!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear



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