Bolognese (dad style)/Race for Life

While I was out sorting out a problem with my car stereo this afternoon, my dad was preparing dinner for tonight- bolognese. I was going to make a vegetarian version when I got back, but my dad made it for me (bless him). I was rather looking forward to making the bolognese as we bought some meat-free mince from Aldi. We looked for Quorn mince but couldn’t find any, but the one we got worked well enough. There’s some more meat-free mince in the freezer so I’ll get a chance to try it in the near future.

My dad made the vegetarian bolognese in the way he and I would normally make a meat bolognese, using onions, garlic, tomatoes, red pepper, red wine etc (and some courgettes too), but used meat-free mince instead; I think it was soya mince. It tasted quite nice and looked like a traditional bolognese, just a slightly pinker colour. I had to be careful when serving up to make sure I had the right one as we had two friends over for dinner who were meat eaters!

Meat-free bolognese (courtesy of my dad!)

I signed up for the 10km Race for Life last week and received my information pack through the post today. It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was getting worried about whether I could do it or not. I’m still proud of myself that I managed to run the distance in 1 hour and 11 mins, while raising a significant amount of money for Cancer Research UK. My aim this year is to raise a lot of money again, but also beat my previous time when I do the race this July.

The fastest I’ve ever completed 10km so far is 1 hour and 8 minutes- I wonder if I could do it in 1 hour. This would equate on average to running at 10km/h!! I’m obviously not going to start running that fast, otherwise I’d run out of breath too quickly and would struggle to complete the race. I might be being ambitious here, but I’m very determined so I will give it a go in my training. I’ve also got to consider that I will be running my first half marathon this year, which I still need to sign up for.

My pack from Cancer Research UK

I’ve not been jogging/running recently because I caught a cold from my dad. He had the flu last week and took most of the week off from work, and I’m lucky that I didn’t get the flu. I’ve had a chesty cough which is almost gone now, but it affected my exercising at the gym. I felt out of breath sometimes and found it hard to breathe with a chesty cough, so I didn’t do any jogging on the treadmill. I am feeling much better now though, so I’m hoping to do some jogging this coming week (maybe even tomorrow morning).

After a session on Friday (I look so grumpy! :’) )

The photo above was from yesterday morning after a session at the gym. As you can see I’ve got my new snazzy trainers on, which I still haven’t had a chance to run in yet. I think this photo will be a good motivator for me to exercise and lose some body weight/fat. It will be good to do a comparison with a photo after the Race for Life and the half marathon. I can then write a blog with the three photos which will hopefully show how my body has changed throughout 7 months of training.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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