International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!


I’m actually publishing a blog tonight about the menstrual cycle, which is very fitting considering it’s Women’s Day. I’ve been writing it to help break the social taboo towards periods and due to the recent news story about a company in Bristol which is introducing a period policy.

I thought I would write a quick post before I start work to recognise International Women’s Day and explain what feminism means to me.

Feminism to me means achieving complete gender equality between men and women of all races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. While there have been great developments in terms of equality for women, especially since the early twentieth century, sexism is still a problem, which is based on the gender roles of men and women. I believe that no one should have to perform their gender based on their biological sex (e.g. ‘it is not ladylike for a woman to swear’ and ‘real men don’t cry’).

I believe that gender equality can be achieved, but it will take some time. This is due to the social and cultural beliefs of different generations. Older generations experienced gender differently to how younger generations do now, and it can be difficult to sway a generation’s beliefs and values. However, with campaigns, demonstrations and days such as International Women’s Day, the importance of gender equality can be recognised by all.

There are many misconceptions about feminism which surprisingly still exist today, which we feminists still have to defends ourselves from. The most common example is ‘feminists hate men’. There might be some feminists who do dislike men, but it doesn’t mean all of us do. We want to live in a world equally with men, where everyone is recognised as human beings, not just defined by our sex and gender.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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