Goals update #2

When did March get here?! It will also be three weeks tomorrow since I have given up meat for lent, which means the ‘lenters’ are halfway there. I’m glad to say that I have achieved another one of my goals and am working towards other ones for 2016.

I had a voice test last week and passed, so I am now a member of the Leicester Philharmonic Choir! I sing first soprano i.e. squeaking all the high notes. I can’t wait to sing in my first concert with the choir in April. We’ll be singing John Rutter’s Gloria, a couple of pieces by Henry Purcell and Paul Patterson’s Magnificat. Last night at rehearsal we found out that Patterson will be attending the concert, so no pressure! Patterson’s Magnificat is very challenging but once we get to grips with it, the piece will sound magnificent.

As mentioned in my first goals update blog, I got a full-time graduate job as a copywriter. I have been working in this role for just over two weeks know, and I’m enjoying it. I still have time to write blogs as I can do this on weekday evenings and during the weekend.

Poetry wise, I’ve lacked creativity recently, or rather I haven’t found the time/gotten round to writing new material. Ideas used to flow into my head when I walked to work, but now it is a short drive to work and it’s difficult for me to think of creative ideas when you’ve got to focus on the road. I have mentioned recently that walking to my new place of work is an option, so hopefully I’ll do that soon and assist the creative juices in my brain.

I went to the poetry night Find the Right Words last month in Leicester which was amazing! I didn’t read out any poetry because I didn’t have the time to practice reading it out at home. I have some works which I really want to perform across to the audience without having a paper copy to read from. There is some fantastic talent at the monthly poetry nights which is inspiring, especially the way people read out and perform their works. I’m going to Find the Right Words this month, on 16th March and I will aim to read out some poetry this time.

I must admit, I’m feeling pretty fit at the moment. I’ve been getting down to the gym more frequently and I can push myself harder now in certain exercises than I could before. The muscles in my upper thighs are starting to become prominent again, and I ran 7.98km in one hour at the gym last week! My body weight is starting to shift now as well, which is a very good sign. I need to push myself a lot harder though, particularly in my eating habits, to lose two stone by my sister’s wedding in three month’s time!

Regarding feminism, I wrote my first guest blog for Viral Feminism!  The article critiques the new line up for BBC’s motoring show Top Gear, since there is only one female presenter out of a cast of seven. It seems to have been well received which makes me glad, because I spent a lot of time doing research as I am not a motor sport person. I learnt about the history of women in motor sport and their fantastic achievements over the years. Before this article on Top Gear I was featured in a blog on the first anniversary of Viral Feminism, where I describe what feminism means to me. I will definitely be contributing more posts in the near future.

Before I know it the next month will be here, so I’d better get cracking with my goals. Easter will be over by the 1st April, so I’ll be able to eat meat again!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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