I started a new job last week as a Product Copywriter. It’s going well so far: my colleagues have been very welcoming and are friendly, I’ve been learning the ‘ropes of the trade’ and the first week has flown by. This is my first full-time graduate job since finishing my Masters in English Studies. My previous role as a Note Taker can be considered as a graduate job as well, since I needed my undergraduate degree, but it was not completely full-time as I had lots of time off for the holidays and over three months off for the summer. Sounds great having all the holiday, but I needed to start a full-time career to starting earning more money on a regular basis.

The work environment and my working hours are completely different for my new job compared to being a note taker. I work 9-5 Monday to Friday and work on a computer most of the time. This is great as I now have consistent hours and I’m great at working on computers, but it does mean sitting for long hours at a desk. I also drive to work now, as it only takes around 8 minutes and there is plenty of free parking for employees.

In contrast, my hours varied as a note taker so I often headed down to the gym during work as it was in close proximity to the university. I also used to walk to work and back, walking over 4 and 1/2 miles a day. Parking was restricted and quite expensive, but sometimes I would catch the bus if the weather wasn’t great.

This means that I need to adapt to my changed circumstances and slot in my fitness regime somehow. I believe myself to be very willing to change and I aim to be flexible. Of course one option is to walk to work and back. I used to do it as a note taker and enjoyed the different routes to work. It’s 2.4 miles to work from where I live, so I would walk a total of 4.8 miles a day. According to Google this would take 48 minutes, but I’m a fairly fast walker, so I reckon I could do it in between 40-45 minutes.

This is motivational

On the other hand, now that I can use my car, I could get up early in the morning, drive to the gym and after a work out session, drive to work and eat my breakfast there. I would probably feel more energised after a morning workout. There is also the option to go to the gym after I’ve finished work, but it would get quite late. I like to relax in the evenings, so I think the morning would be better for me. If I can’t get to the gym or don’t fancy it in the morning, I can always go for an outside jog instead.

At work I want to start getting in the habit of going for a walk around during my 30 minute break. My bum aches after sitting down for a long time, and it will do me good to give my legs a stretch too.

As you have read, my options to keep up with my fitness are endless. I’ve mentioned about habits before in my New Year resolutions blog. What I need to do is start pushing myself to keep my working out and training for the races this year going by turning them into habits. When I have achieved that, I will find it easy to get up early in the morning to head down to the gym or go for a jog. Walking to work will be easy for me to do, as I’m already accustomed to doing that.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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