As if it’s already lent!

It’s nearly been a year already since lent! Lent began on Wednesday 18th February in 2015, but it begins today in 2016 because Easter is earlier this year. I’ve never really understood why the dates for Easter move backwards and forwards each year, but lent has certainly come round sooner than I expected.

Many of you will know that I gave up meat last year for the period of lent and guess what? I’m doing it again! I was abstaining from eating meat when I first started my blog (which has almost been a year too!) so I was posting blogs on experimenting and making vegetarian dishes.

I enjoyed the challenge of thinking of vegetarian alternatives for my meals and I soon learnt last year that there are plenty of delicious options out there for vegetarians. I also like to challenge myself in general, and the period of lent is a great opportunity for me to do this, even though I haven’t identified myself as a Christian for a number of years (since lent is a part of the Christian calendar).

Of course I had pancakes yesterday for Shrove Tuesday. I had two for breakfast, one with bacon and the other with banana and drizzled honey.

Sweet and savoury

My good friend Cloud Mercury bought me a Vegetarian recipe book for my birthday last year, which is full of tasty recipes which I can’t wait to try! I will of course in my true fashion blog about them. I rarely use recipes when cooking but I do want to try out some amazing recipes.

Veggie book
My new Bible

Are any of you bloggers and readers giving up anything for lent this year? What would you find the hardest to abstain from for 40 days?


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


3 thoughts on “As if it’s already lent!

  1. I decided to give up shopping for lent. I get home from work and there is a catalog with coupons from my favorite store on the kitchen table… fast forward to this morning and my bistro box from Starbucks has all cracked crackers and all of a sudden that new pink dress would make me feel better ha! But I won’t do it.

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