Goals update #1

Where has January gone?! It’s been a month already since I set myself goals for 2016. You’ll be glad to know that I’ve been working on some of them, and I’ve already achieved one of my goals! At the start of each month I will be posting a blog like this one to let you know how I’m getting on in achieving my resolutions for this year.

The first goal I have achieved is finding a full-time graduate job. I had an interview for a Product Copywriter role last Friday and received a call yesterday with an offer of employment! I was pleasantly surprised, as I didn’t expect a response so soon and it was the first interview I had for a copywriter role. I’m absolutely thrilled to have got a foot on the career ladder and I will be starting this new venture on Monday 15th February.

Music wise I am doing pretty well too. Another one of my goals is to join a large choir. While I was a student at the University of Hertfordshire I joined the Hertfordshire Chorus. I miss being in a large choir which give amazing opportunities to its singers, such as singing in a world première and travelling abroad to tour, but also the vibrant community which is formed through large choirs. I have been to three rehearsals so far for the Leicester Philharmonic Choir and I’m enjoying the music which we’re singing at the moment, including a favourite of mine, John Rutter’s Gloria. I will hopefully be auditioning in the very near future and fingers crossed I become a member of the choir as a soprano.

On the other side of the coin, weight wise I’m not doing so well. I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about my body weight and I’m glad to say that I have maintained it, which is currently 15.9 stone. I started training last week for the races I have this year by jogging 10km and attending my first body blast session at the gym. My legs still hurt from Saturday but they’re not as bad today as they have been (maybe a Radox bath will do them good). Once I have recovered from the body blast class I intend to do another 10km jog, and then start extending it gradually throughout my training, by jogging 12km, 15km, 17km and then finally 20km. I guess as I’m training this will help with body weight loss, but I’ll need to do some more intense exercises like the body blast to burn some body fat as well in conjunction with my training.

Another goal which I haven’t quite met is writing poetry once a week. Job searching took up some of my creative time, but I did write three poems in January, which I don’t think is too bad considering. Two of these poems have been posted on my Poclaretry blog and the other one I’m still working on. Despite not reaching the writing poetry target I have been becoming more involved in poetry. Once a month in Leicester there is a poetry/rap night called Find The Right Words, where people can opt for open-mic slots to read out their works, and there are always two excellent guest poets. I went to a few of these nights last year but I intend to make it a regular thing for 2016, since listening to other people’s poems is so inspiring and it’s always a fun night as well. I want to read some of my recent poetry at the next Find The Right Words event, which is on Wednesday 17th February.

I haven’t had a chance yet to get more involved in feminism. I’ve been so busy focusing on other things but now that I don’t need to do job hunting, I can do some research into what’s around in Leicestershire feminist wise. I also still need to write a guest article for the blog Viral Feminism.

All of these goals are a good way to further improve my time management and organisational skills. I also hold the belief that life is short, so I want to achieve great things and really make the most out of my life by setting goals and targets.


Happy reading and blogging!


Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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