A blast of a morning

For the first time in a few months, I went to the gym this morning (on a Saturday). I managed to get up reasonably early (8:15am) and drove to the gym. I got a car just before Christmas which has become so handy, but I still choose to walk to work due to parking and traffic at the times I walk to work and back.

I was contemplating what to do and at first considered doing some cardio and weights, but then I saw the class schedule. It stated that at 9am on Saturdays there is a ‘LSF blast’ class. What on earth is that supposed to be? I asked a woman who was waiting outside the studio and she said it was body blast, but she had never done it before either. This was encouraging as we both went into the class not knowing exactly what was ahead.

There were four of us and the instructor, which made a change from the other classes I have tried, such as Zumba and Spin. I quite liked being in a smaller group as the instructor could help out us out individually if we needed it.

The body blast session comprised of various intense exercises which involved two dumbbells, a barbell with weights and a fitness step. The session focused on the shoulders and the legs by using the weights in various ways.  I used the minimum weights available since I’d never done this session before, and I’m glad that I used the lighter weights, as my body took a blasting!

I used dumbbells for the first time today

The instructor showed us how to do an exercise, then we worked on it for 45 seconds and had a 15 second break. During the break the instructor showed us the next exercise, which we did for 45 seconds as well and again, took a 15 second break. I think this is called interval training where you do an intense exercise and have a short break before moving onto the next one (do correct me if I’m wrong).

The exercises involved squatting and lunging while holding the barbell on the shoulders, squatting while lifting the dumbbells and even sitting on the fitness step while lifting up the barbell or dumbbells. The steps at the gym can be used as a chair, where you can lift up the top of the step and adjust it to make a backrest. I liked sitting down for a bit during some of the exercises!

How I looked and felt today!

It was my first time today using dumbbells and a barbell with weights on. I have mentioned before in my blog that I’ve wanted to try using free weights, as I’ve heard it’s more beneficial than just using machine weights. Well my legs and shoulders certainly had a good workout today from using free weights. It was interesting driving back home with my legs in agony and walking up and down the stairs at home is a challenge at the moment!

However, I have not been deterred by body blast. I intend to go back again hopefully next Saturday morning or during another time of the week when the class is on at the gym.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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