And so the training begins

It’s been a while since I last jogged 10km; in fact, it was over half a year ago! I’ve only just come to realise this, which is a bit embarrassing on my part. I didn’t stop jogging completely after the Race for Life in July 2015, but the furthest I jogged was 6km on one of my preferred routes outside. I did some jogging on the treadmill at the gym, but I’d normally only do up to 5km.

I have just over 5 months to train for the 10km Race for Life this year, as I’m intending to do it again. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the challenge of completing a longish distance run. However, my biggest challenge for this year is to complete a half marathon! This is equivalent to almost two Race for Lifes, so around 20km. This terrifies me at the moment, but I will gradually build myself up for it like I did the first time I started training to jog 10km. The half marathon is towards the end of October, so I have an additional 3 months to train.

I went to the gym today after an early finish at work and was tempted at first to do some cardio and weights, but I decided to get on with my training and jogged 10km on the treadmill. It took me 1 hour and 19 minutes, which isn’t bad considering it’s been over 6 months since I last completed that distance, when I finished the Race for Life in 1 hour and 11 minutes and I’ve put body weight on as well. I kept the treadmill on a flat gradient and jogged at an average speed of 7.6km/h, and jogging at a maximum of 8.5km/h for the last stretch of the jog!

I felt knackered afterwards, my legs feeling like lead and my whole body radiating heat (the mirror in the changing room steamed up!). I was covered in lots of sweat, my hair completely wet and clothes absolutely drenched, but it had never felt so good to be covered in so much sweat! I’ve proven to myself that I can still jog non stop, the muscles in my thighs feeling pumped up and ready for action once again! I’ve further disproved the notion that overweight and plus size people can jog long distances and pursue great things in terms of fitness.

You should’ve seen the rest of my body! :’)

Walking out of the gym I contemplated the fact that I had a half an hour walk back home. My legs were aching a lot and I still felt warm even after having a shower. Any normal person would’ve caught the bus, but I didn’t have any money on me at all. There’s no cash machine near my gym, unless you walk across to the local pub where you have to pay to take your money out of a cash machine; this wasn’t an option for me (and I’m by no means a normal person).

I walked back home with the wind blowing against me. I was relieved to finally arrive home, my legs pumping away and my arms aching from carrying a gym bag containing a damp towel and sweat-drenched clothes! So another thing I’ve realised today is that I must make sure I have change for the bus next time I decide to jog a long distance at the gym!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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