Graduation #2

Many of you will know that I was studying a Masters in English Studies last year. I posted blogs about my dissertation which was a study of female poetry of the Second World War, and I had to really knuckle down to finish it by mid-September during the summer. I found out in November that I passed and I had my graduation ceremony last Thursday at the University of Leicester!

Winter had just decided to arrive in the UK last week (not on the scale of America of course) so it was very cold on the morning of my ceremony. I arrived early with my parents, who dropped me off at the main campus while they went to the venue for the ceremony, De Montfort Hall. I grabbed my robes, had a professional photograph and then made my way over to the hall.

My parents were sitting inside the foyer with a hot drink each but the doors were locked. Security wouldn’t let me in yet, saying that it would be at least another half an hour before people would be allowed inside! I wondered how my parents managed to get in, but it turned out that my mum saw the door open and so they sneaked in for the warmth. The staff in the hall thought that my parents were staff helping out for the day!

While I was waiting outside with a few other graduates I played around with my selfie stick that I got for Christmas. At least my robes kept me warmish!


Despite the comical start to the day, the ceremony was lovely. It was only 1 hour and 12 minutes which made the ceremony feel a bit more intimate compared to my undergraduate one which was considerably longer. It was nice to see my class mates again and update each other on what we’re up to in our post-Masters lives.

I completely forgot that the Princess Mako of Akishino from Japan was reading Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, and she graduated at the same ceremony as mine! So that was pretty cool!

I’m planning to write a blog at the start of February to give an update about how my New Year goals are going so far, which will include graduate job hunting, poetry and fitness.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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