Christmas Baking (part II)

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and are excited about the New Year; I certainly am, although I can’t quite believe where 2015 has gone. I swear as I’m getting older the years pass by quicker.

Anyhow, in my last blog I wrote about how I make mince pies every Christmas. Today I made more mince pies but also a mince meat crumble. A cooking apple was going to be a part of the crumble, but unfortunately it had been waiting too long and was moldy inside.

I made three lots of shortcrust pastry today, so my thumbs and fingers had a good rubbing! One lot was for more mince pies, the second was for the crumble and the last is for a turkey pie which my dad or myself will make tomorrow.

You’re probably thinking at the moment, why did you make shortcrust pastry for a crumble?! Read on, and you’ll find out.

I made the pastry in the same way as I described in my previous blog. The pastry for the pie is currently in the fridge while I rolled out a different lot of pastry for the mince pies and made 18 of them, half topped off with stars and the other half with gingerbread shaped people.

For the crumble, after I finished rubbing all of the butter and lard into the plain flour, I didn’t add any water. I simply sprinkled the fine breadcrumb textured mixture over a dish which was filled with mince meat. I then sprinkled some white sugar on the top and cooked for 45 minutes at gas mark 5.

A dish full of mince meat
A dish full of mince meat
The breadcrumby mixture on top of the mince meat
The breadcrumby mixture on top of the mince meat

I have no idea what the crumble tastes like yet; I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when my parents will have friends round. I’ve made it before so it should be fine.

A whole lot of mince meat treats!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear 🙂


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