Christmas Baking

On Christmas Eve I liked to do some sort of baking, so I made some mince pies. While they are very cheap and easy to buy in the shops, homemade mince pies are more satisfying! (well, these ones are not entirely homemade).

I actually made the pastry yesterday but didn’t get time to make up the mince pies, so I left the pastry in the fridge and took it out this morning. I made enough pastry to make 18 mince pies, which comprised of 12 oz plain flour, 3 oz lard and 3 oz baking butter.

Plain flour, lard and butter

With the lard and butter at room temperature, I rubbed all of it gently into the plain flour using my fingertips, until I had a fine breadcrumby texture. I then stirred in with a knife a little bit of water until all of the mixture started to combine. Using my hands I finished combining everything together and shaped the pastry into a ball.

Pastry wrapped in cling film

Using greaseproof paper, I rubbed some butter into the cake tins and then pre heated the oven at gas mark 5. I then got on with rolling out the pastry and cutting out large circles for the bottom of the mince pies.

Bottoms ready to be filled

I placed a heaped teaspoon of supermarket bought mince meat into each pastry case and topped off with a cut out star or a gingerbread person.

The meat is a bit mincey!
Starry starry eyed!
6 little people

I put the mince pies in the oven for 30 minutes, checking them after 20 minutes and turning them around. I couldn’t find any icing sugar so I sprinkled a little bit of caster sugar on top of the finished mince pies.

Just out of the oven
The people covered in caster sugar

However you spend your Christmas, I hope you all a lovely time over the next festive few days! Eat tasty food, drink plenty and make sure to have a ball!


Merry Christmas and of course, happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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