Saucy meatballs

Tonight it was just dad and I for dinner, but my mum had bought some fresh beef meatballs for us both, so I made a tasty tomato sauce to go with it. I’ve never actually made meatballs before, but would like to have a go at some point. Or maybe there are some vegetarian options out there…

I find in restaurants that when you order meatballs and pasta, the meatballs are cooked in a smooth tomato sauce, which is nice but I added a bit extra to my version tonight!

I decided to cook the meatballs in the oven rather than frying them, as I was worried that they might separate and end up turning into a mince form for a bolognese. While the meatballs were cooking, I got on with the sauce.

Meatballs and tagliatelle

I roughly chopped two shallots and finely chopped a clove of garlic, then cooked til soft in olive oil. I then added finely chopped mushrooms and a tin of chopped tomatoes. I also added some tomato puree, two fresh basil leaves and a teaspoon of mixed herbs.

The crazy plant that is basil in the kitchen!

To give the sauce even more flavour, I added a little bit of red wine. I love cooking with wine; sometimes it even goes in the food!


Once the meatballs were cooked I added them into the sauce and left on a low heat for about half an hour. Even though the meatballs were cooked I wanted to make sure that the flavours from the sauce were incorporated slightly into the meatballs. While the mixture was lightly simmering I prepared the pasta and also some garlic bread.

The sauce bubbling away nicely (minus the meatballs)

Overall it was a very nice weekday meal and the sauce was easy to make. I really do enjoy cooking! 🙂


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear 🙂


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