Prawny potato skins

It’s been a while since I posted a homemade recipe. This one I made tonight was experimental and turned out to be a success! I often cook experimental dishes when it’s just me in for the night, just in case they do go wrong and my family don’t have to suffer for it (don’t worry, I’ve never given anyone food poisoning).

Tonight I made prawny potato skins stuffed with onions, leeks and mushrooms. Last time I made stuffed potato skins I used a sweet potato and stuffed it with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and chick peas. That was very tasty, mostly due to the fact that I used a sweet potato. However I had no sweet potatoes tonight, but the taste was still good.

I microwaved a large potato for 5 minutes and further cooked it in the oven for 20 minutes at gas mark 4. While that was in the oven, I made the mixture to stuff the skins. I finely chopped a red onion and cooked in a pan of oil on a medium heat until soft. I then added half of a leek, finely chopped as well, and cooked until soft.

Red onions and leeks

I added a handful of king prawns and finely chopped mushrooms to the onion and leek mixture, and left that to simmer for about 10 minutes, when the prawns and mushrooms had shrunk. The moisture from the prawns and mushrooms aided in giving the potato stuffing concoction more substance to it.

Prawn and veggie goodness

While the mixture was cooking, I took the potato out of the oven and cut it in half longways and left it to cool for a bit. I then scooped out the potato until I had just the skins leftover.

Potato skins

The scooped out potato was then stirred into the prawn, onion and leek mixture until it was all combined. I then divided the mixture and placed into the skins.

Stuffed potato skins

Once the potato skins were stuffed, I put them in the oven at gas mark 4 for 20 minutes, and 5 minutes before the end, I cheekily added some grated cheddar cheese.

Maybe I put too much cheese on πŸ˜›

I served the prawny potato skins with a filet of white fish and boiled carrots, as demonstrated below:

Et voila

I really enjoyed my dinner for one tonight! It’s amazing what flavours you can make with simple ingredients. The prawns have their own unique flavour which enhanced the overall taste of the mixture in the potato skins. In fact the moisture from the prawns and the mushrooms helped to combine the potato and other ingredients together.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear πŸ™‚


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