Snack happy!


There are some days at work, including today, where I don’t get time to have lunch. When a day is full of lectures, I have a decent filling breakfast in the morning, such as porridge or beans and eggs on toast/crumpets, and then I just have enough time to snack during the day when I start to feel hungry.

The photo above is what I took to work today, although I didn’t feel the need to eat the apple in the end (that’s back in the fruit bowl ready for another day). I quite often take carrot sticks to work as a snack and also as a side to my lunch. The box next to the carrots are grapes, which I also like to munch on as a snack or side. The mono-brow in the photo is an apple cereal bar. I quite like eating cereal bars as a snack, even though they can be quite high in sugar. On days when I’m feeling a bit cheeky I have a bag of Mini Cheddars or Hula Hoops as a snack, but that’s only once a week.

Today I have easily achieved the recommended five a day, as I have a glass of orange juice as well most mornings (I don’t think an apple cereal bar counts as one of your five a day)!

What sort of snacks do you like to eat during the day?


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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