A cute love story

On a beautiful sunny day

When the grass was still wet with dew,

A walk in the lush green park

Was the first time that I met you.


Your radiant smile and stunning eyes

Made my heart gently melt away.

Your harmonious voice and calm complexion

Gave me courage to ask “Stay with me today.”


I never wanted this perfect day to end

As we gaily strolled in the sunshine.

Just before we departed our own ways

You nervously asked me to dine.


I thought it was really adorable

How you blushed when asking the question.

My heart was filled with joy

And I gladly accepted without exception.


On a tranquil pretty evening

We dined by the desirous setting sun.

We had such engaging conversations

And I definitely had plenty of fun.


After our first anxious meeting

We met each other frequently.

In the park and during nights out

Our relationship developed accordingly.


During our wonderful times together

I realised there was something new.

Each time I saw you my heart blushed,

As a developing love for you grew.


My heart started to pound faster

Each time I went to see you.

I desired to be more than friends;

I wanted to say those special words to you.


On a beautiful night out

We stood under the luminous moon.

When I was about to confess

The bells chimed at noon.

During the toll of the bells

Your voice harmonised perfectly.

My face must have been blushing

Because you said your words amazingly.


This was the happiest moment of my life

As you held the same feelings as me.

I was under your seductive charm

And my blemishing heart felt free.


On the night of our confessions

You tenderly kissed me with your lips.

Now my heart was dancing with happiness

As you lovingly held my hips.


Under the beauty of the stars

I felt warm and secure.

As we continued to kiss

I knew that you were the one for sure.


After that amazing night

I felt like the happiest person in the world.

I had discovered the beauty of love

And then even more unfurled.


I was at your house one evening

After having enjoyed a night out.

You placed one knee on the floor

And you took a gorgeous ring out.


It sparkled in your radiant eyes

And you proposed beautifully.

I accepted with tears of joy

And we kissed each other passionately.


I awoke the next morning

Entwined in your wondrous arms.

Your love that night was glorious

And you awoke to gently kiss my palms.


Now I wait for our marriage date:

A special day to become joined with you.

I am the happiest person in the world

And … I love you.


Clare Abbott

Note: this poem was written when I must have been between 15-17 years of age,  before I knew what love really was. This poem was my idealisation of what I saw in what we call ‘chick-flick’ films about romance and finding the ‘one’. This is how I thought I would find love, but in reality, it happens differently to how you expect it to. You find love, or it finds you unexpectedly.  I have also only made a couple of tiny tweaks where I thought appropriate.


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