Eliminating what is natural

Here’s a thought:

A girl is considered to be a woman when she starts to grow body hair under her arm pits, on her legs and around the pubic area. This girl will start to feel accepted into the realm of womanhood because she is going through puberty, in addition to starting her menstrual cycle. However, to really become a young woman, the girl is told to get rid of all of this hair, hair which only has just started to grow but is immediately deemed as unwanted. This young woman will receive comments such as ‘Don’t let your lady garden go wild’, ‘No one wants to see those hairy pits’ and ‘Use this product, it doesn’t hurt as much’.

Why does society pressure women to make them feel obliged to remove hair that is completely natural? Does this mean by removing body hair women are seen as ‘girlish’, because they are reverting to how they appeared in terms of body hair before puberty?

Men aren’t told to remove their body hair as a result of puberty. They might be advised to trim their nether-region and suggested to groom their moustache and beard. Women are told to keep themselves smooth and hair free. And at the end of the day, the hair just grows back again!


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