I now officially have a Masters degree in English Studies! I found out my results late Monday evening, when I saw on Facebook that one of my class mates had announced their results. I have been away in St Albans this week to see my boyfriend, so I have only been able to get round to announcing this on my blog now.

I started my blog around the time when I needed to start thinking about what to write for my dissertation. Throughout the summer months I worked hard on research, reading, planning, writing 15,000 words, editing and proofreading, finally handing it in on the 14th September, one day before the deadline. I also wrote many blogs on the progress of my dissertation and what it was about.

My dissertation is called ‘Fo(u)r Women: British Female Poetry of the Second World War’. I enjoyed researching early twentieth century poetry by several women. I could have written about so many women who are worthy of recognition, but I limited myself to Vera Bax, Alice Coats, Wrenne Jarman and Sylvia Read.

The front page of my dissertation
Contents page
Opening pages on the chapter on Vera Bax

I can’t wait to graduate again! It is almost a year ago since I graduated from my undergraduate university in the beautiful St Albans cathedral. As far as I know I’ll be graduating with my Masters in January 2016.

On another note of success, this is my 100th post! I am so glad to have reached this amount of posts because I have found blogging to be enjoyable, fun and educative. Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and for those new to my blog. Because of your supportive comments and positive feedback, I am determined to continue writing posts on feminism, my ongoing quest to lose body weight and become fitter, quirky homemade recipes and my own poetry.

As always, happy reading and blogging!


Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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