Standard gym workout

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I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers who post about fitness often write about their workouts at the gym, such as their standard routine, any changes to that routine and goals achieved. While I have written a few posts about exercising at the gym in terms of reaching the 10km goal, I haven’t actually mentioned what a standard workout is for me.

Everyone exercises differently so what I do as my general routine differs from others. I do a high intense cardio workout of 15 minutes, then various weights on my arms, my abs and back area, followed by my legs. After weights I do another high intense cardio of 10-15 minutes, depending on how much I’ve pushed myself. Generally I aim for about 45 minutes of exercise each time I visit the local gym.

While following a routine, I vary it by doing different cardio workouts. Normally I start on the cross trainer, starting at a low level for one minute, then increasing the intensity to a medium level for one minute, back to a low level for another minute and so on. Throughout the exercise I gradually increase the level of intensity and make the distance between levels greater, so that I really feel the burn.

I couldn’t tell you the names of the weights I do, except that they are machine weights. I don’t know how to properly and safely use free weights, so I should probably consider asking an instructor at the gym for advice on a suitable free weight routine. But for now I stick to the machines, doing three sets of ten and having a short break and gradually increasing the weights if I see fit between sets.

After weights I do another high intense cardio. Recently I have been trying out rowing. This is a good workout but since I’m not used to it, I tend to tire out quickly. I sometimes do a bit of cycling but generally I like to go on the treadmill for my second cardio exercise. After weights I like to set the treadmill on a high gradient and walk briskly. I then lower the gradient for a few minutes, increase it again and then lower it, similar to the first cardio exercise.

In addition to the gym I walk to work and back home, which means I walk on average 23 miles a week! It has been difficult getting to the gym due to work however, I am pleased to say that I have been twice this week! However, if I don’t get to go to the gym during the week, at least I’ve walked a lot of miles.


Happy reading and blogging!


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Clare Bear


2 thoughts on “Standard gym workout

  1. Hmmm…? It seems very painful and mechanical. I used to do that sort of things until I found out that it doesn’t work. Training should be playful and fun. Just observe how children, cubs, puppies and kittens move about. That is a good natural way to train.


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