Letter to Wrenne

In case you haven’t read this poem yet, this is one I wrote recently which was written as a poetical response and tribute to Wrenne Jarman’s ‘Letter to Claudia’. Happy reading and blogging 🙂

Clare Bear

While we can stand side by side with man

with much more ease than your time,

the rotted veils of man’s misgovernment

still dominate this world today.

You only have to take a quick glance at politics.

Man still greatly holds the power

to determine hu(man)ity,

to ensure that they are sitting pretty

for the rest of their lives

while we are supposedly expected

to willingly accept because

they know everything…

There has only been one

female prime minister

in the glorious and pleasant land,

where women who want,

ask, demand for fairness

are deemed as bossy and outspoken,

since we gained full emancipation

a mere eight-seven years ago.

Men are but dreamers: only we are real.

While many are fortunate to live in countries

where we are regarded as citizens

(almost as equals),

extremists terrorise daily lives;

men with guns, bombs, planes

raping women’s dreams with

hard cold…

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