Letter to Claudia

I am currently in the process of writing a poem dedicated to Wrenne Jarman. The idea popped into my head while I was walking to work last week. Jarman is one of the poets I researched and wrote about in my dissertation on British female poetry of the Second World War. One of her poems fascinated me and I want to pay homage to her by writing a response to her poem ‘Letter to Claudia’.

Before I post my poem, which is currently called ‘Letter to Wrenne’, the poem in this post is Jarman’s poem ‘Letter to Claudia’. I have decided to share it because it is a powerful feminist poem, and it will also give any of you interested a bit of a background before you read my poetic response. Hope you enjoy ‘Letter to Claudia’ as much as I did.

Letter to Claudia

Letter to Claudia (2)

Letter to Claudia (3)

© Wrenne Jarman [‘Letter to Claudia’, The Breathless Kingdom, (London: The Fortune Press, Ltd., 1948), pp.25-7].



4 thoughts on “Letter to Claudia

  1. […] I read out three poems today: The time I found £45, Letter to Wrenne and another poem which I haven’t yet posted on my blog (it’s called Employability is like a game). Out of the three poems, the one which I hadn’t yet performed was Letter to Wrenne. I’m glad that I chose to read it out today, as I wrote it in response to Second World War poet Wrenne Jarman’s feminist poem Letter to Claudia. […]


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