New-found exercise

When I was studying my Masters and worked part-time as a note-taker, I would use the bus almost everyday of the week. It takes normally about 15 minutes to reach the city centre depending on traffic. To get to university, it was a 10 minute bus ride and then I had to walk mostly uphill for 15 minutes to reach the campus. Therefore I used to have a form of exercise in addition to the gym, as I do walk briskly when on my own.

Unfortunately, walking at a fast pace does result in feeling annoyance towards pedestrians who walk slowly, decide to stop suddenly or don’t move out of your way. These memes demonstrate how I often feel:



While working at a pub in the city centre I used the bus, because I did not want to walk into town and then have to stand and walk around for the majority of work, especially for a long shift. I would go to the gym on days when I wasn’t working at the pub, quite often before or after working on my dissertation during the day.

I decided to ditch catching the bus on Monday to get to the university where I work as a note taker, since the nature of the work means that I am sitting down most of the time during lectures and seminars. Since Monday, I have been walking to work and back home, which takes me about 40 minutes each way. There are also a variety of ways to get to work, meaning that I do not have to walk the same way there and back. Two of the routes are in fact part of ones I use for jogging.

Walking to work has been going well so far. I have been lucky weather wise, as it has been raining while I have been working, and then it happens to stop raining when I make my way home. Despite me moaning about slow walkers, my routes to work are relatively quiet in terms of pedestrians. It is in the city centre when the above memes come into play, and when I’m rushing between lectures on campus.

Another great thing about walking is not having to wait for unreliable buses. Even though buses run every 10 minutes through my village, they are normally always late. I would always leave out early, just in case I did end up getting a bus that should’ve got me to work on time, but then it ends up turning up late.

The obvious perk for walking to work is exercise. I will fit going to the gym around my work timetable, but if I do struggle to go one week, at least I know that I am getting a form of daily exercise. According to Google maps, it is about 2.3 miles to walk from my home to work, so I’m getting around 4.6 miles of exercise each day of the week!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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