Quick update

Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been very busy during the past week, such as working over 40 hours over the span of six days!

From Saturday 26th September through to Thursday 1st October, I was working at the pub everyday and it was a hectic six days. This was due to the Rugby world cup and freshers visiting the town. My final day was much calmer, and I enjoyed several double vodkas and cokes after finishing my final shift. I gave the pub a thank you card and some sweet treats for all of the team to share.

Working in a pub has certainly been an eye-opener and I have gained even more life skills. I thought I had seen everything through working in food and catering in my previous part-time jobs, but working in a pub means you see all different forms of life, the good, the bad and the down right odd! Overall it’s been an enjoyable experience and I will miss the people I have worked with for only a short period of four months. However, I won’t be far away to pop in for a cheeky drink now and again.

Today I started my previous job as a note taker, which I did during the past academic year. I am now working in this role full-time and the first day back went pretty well. I am looking forward to learning about various subjects while I am assisting students in their learning by taking notes for them.

I had a brilliant weekend away in Hertfordshire after finishing at the pub. It was my boyfriend’s birthday on Friday, so went out for a meal at Chiquitos with his parents. We went to the theme park Thorpe Park on Saturday and then went out for drinks in the evening in a village called Harpenden. My last day was spent looking around a food and drinks festival, which was fun and all of the smells from food being cooked was drool-provoking!

I should be back on the blogging scene on a much more regular basis now, as I will write blogs in the evenings after finishing at work.


As always, happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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