Creative therapy

Since finishing my third year at university as an undergraduate last year, I have been pretty nostalgic. I have been through phases of watching classic Disney films, including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Fox and the Hound, and my personal favourite, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. My family used to own all of the Disney films on video tape, which used to be kept in a draw under my sister’s bed. I’d sit there for ages with my sister, deciding which film to watch for the millionth time!

Around Easter time earlier this year, I got nostalgic with ironing beads and made a few coaster sized shapes with different patterns. I have a few in my room, some in the office and made one for my boyfriend. I even bought some magnetic strips and made some fridge magnets for my sister’s new home.

My recent blast to the past has been colouring books. I think everyone as a young child enjoyed colouring in for hours at home and round relative’s houses on weekend afternoons (well that’s what I used to do). However, I have noticed a trend in retail shops where they are selling colouring books for adults. The books I have are titled ‘Relax with Art: Colouring for Adults’ and ‘Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups’.

The patterns on offer which are designed for adults to colour in are stunning and beautiful in some of the books. The designs are very intricate and quite often require sharp pencils or thin pens and a steady hand. While at times this has sometimes made colouring in tedious, I have enjoyed a few evenings at the kitchen table colouring away. Here are some of the patterns I have been having a go at:





Who knows that my next nostalgic phase will be… I’m thinking painting by numbers!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


One thought on “Creative therapy

  1. […] My blog has come a long way since day one. I’ve blogged about all sorts of stuff, such as when I was writing about my dissertation for my Masters, reviews of gigs and even nostalgic activities, from making ironing bead patterns to colouring in! […]


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