Marrow soup

After going out for a curry with my parents and a few of their friends recently,  we were given a huge marrow! My parent’s friends own an allotment where they grow their own vegetables, so they gave us this marrow:


A little bit of the end was missing as my dad must have used it one night, but there was still a lot there! I wanted to do something productive on Sunday evening, and I don’t have a dissertation to do any more, so I made some marrow soup.

I first consulted the BBC Good Food’s recipe for marrow soup and used it as a rough guidance. I rarely make soups but they are very easy to make, and a great way to use up any vegetables that need using. With the weather becoming cooler, soup is a lovely source of comfort food, and they can be quite healthy if you make it yourself compared to shop bought soup, which often has a high salt content.

The marrow was just over 2kgs, and it took ages to peel all of the hard skin off! Scooping out the seeds was a piece of cake, but I had to use a rather large knife to cut the marrow down into much more manageable pieces.

Part I: cut the marrow in half twice
Part II: cut the marrow into even small slices and peel forever…
Part III: chop the marrow into even smaller pieces for ease of cooking

After spending a considerable amount of time on the marrow, I had to do even more peeling and chopping on two white onions, three medium sized potatoes and four small carrots. I cooked the onions, potatoes and carrots for about five minutes in a large pan.


Then I poured all of the marrow into the pan; the pan was just big enough to fit all of it in!


While the vegetables were left on a medium-high heat, I stirred two vegetable stock cubes into 1 1/2 litres of boiling water and poured into the pan.

Very watery looking soup

I left the vegetable stock concoction simmering for 30 minutes with a lid on, stirring occasionally. I rarely use salt and pepper in my cooking, but I added a pinch of each while the vegetables were softening.

When the vegetables were soft enough, I was hoping to blend it altogether to thicken the mixture and make it look more like soup. I couldn’t find the blender anywhere, so I used an electric whisk. It still worked, but I was almost covered in soup and some of it was splattered over the top of the cooker (let’s just say I had a bit of cleaning to do afterwards!). I couldn’t quite blend all of the carrots with a whisk, but the soup still looked nice with carrots chunks in.

Yummy vegetable soup!

The marrow soup had a nice taste to it, especially with the other additional vegetables. My dad enjoyed some with me on Sunday evening as a tea-time meal.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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