A different way to spend a Sunday afternoon

Sometimes you can feel annoyed when you enter endless competitions and it seems that you never win anything. When you do win a competition, no matter how big or small, you feel pretty special. I certainly felt special yesterday when my future-brother-in-law invited me and six other people to a Jim-Beam-Be-Cue (JBBQ) which he had won through social media!

The competition seemed simple enough. Jim Beam posted a photo on their Facebook page of a JBBQ, where contestants had to write on the post in the comments section why they deserve to win a BBQ hosted by Jim Beam. In response, my  sister’s fiance wrote a poem (in rhyme) and he was told that he had won the competition!

Yesterday afternoon an old-fashioned blue Citroen van turned up at my house, after travelling down from Manchester! The BBQ was at mine because my sister and her fiance do not have a private drive at their house. People wearing Jim Beam t shirts congratulated my sister’s fiance on winning the competition, as yesterday was the first time Jim Beam hosted a BBQ in public.

Awesome van!

The people set up the BBQ van outside on the drive while a guy set up a cocktail bar in the kitchen. As typical for a Bank Holiday weekend in Britain, it was raining so the cocktail guy was grateful to serve drinks inside! As soon as I saw the menu my taste buds were tantalized! Everything on there sounded incredible and I couldn’t wait to try the food.

The menu

I am not a big fan of Bourbon and Whiskey, so I tried a little bit of Jim Beam on its own, Jim Beam with ginger ale and Jim Bean with coke. I still didn’t like it, so I just had coke.

When all of Darren’s friends and family turned up, the food was served in individual trays, which were huge! I was absolutely amazed by the presentation and the quality of the food that the staff from Jim Beam served yesterday afternoon.

Very yummy BBQ food

There were two types of marinades served on the side in cast iron pans as well, one which was a Jim Beam BBQ sauce and the other Jim Beam cherry BBQ sauce. Both were delicious and we were all told yesterday that the cherry sauce is not on the market yet, so we were potentially the first in the public to try this new sauce (a very exciting notion!).

Jim Beam BBQ marinade with a paint brush to serve!

After eating the delicious food, everyone was given a free goodie bag. The bag itself is really nice and will be very useful for when my dad does future grocery shopping. Inside the bag was a Jim Beam lanyard (which I will wear for work now), a Jim Beam glass tumbler, two bottles of Jim Beam BBQ marinade, a mini bottle of Jim Bean Apple (I might like it because I do like spirits with an apple flavour), a t shirt and a red sphere silicon thing which is apparently for making a giant ice cube (probably to put in the tumbler).

Everyone loves freebies!

Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and all of our faith’s were temporarily restored in competitions. I actually won a competition the other week on O2 Priority, which was a car Wi-Fi bundle worth £65. It should be arriving within the month, and I shall keep it hidden from my family as I intend to use it when I am finally able to afford a car!

Once again thank you to my future-brother-in-law for inviting me as a guest for the JBBQ. It was an interesting and fun experience. My father will be jealous later when I tell him all about the BBQ (he was away with my mum for the weekend) and he would have loved the food!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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