A change of tagline

When I first started my blog back in March this year, I knew that I wanted to title my website ‘Clare Bear’, but I wasn’t so sure about the tag line.

I was told at a careers conference in November 2013 at my undergraduate university that writing a blog is a great way to get noticed by employers, but if you want to be noticed as a blogger, it is important to know what you want to write about and who your intended audience is.

While I have been writing my blog with the hope of promoting myself to employers through social media in my quest to land a graduate job, I have had a variety of people in mind who would be interested in reading my blog, because I tend to write about a variety of topics.

Because of the different topics I write about, I didn’t know what to write as my tagline. I wanted to come across as quirky and trying to stand out in the Midlands, since this area of Great Britain ceases to exist in the North/South divide. I was only 85 miles down south from my hometown for three years, but that distance certainly shows how diverse accents and colloquial terms are throughout the country.

‘Ey up mi duck’ is a greeting used by some people who live in Leicestershire. I certainly hear the older generations, particularly from working in a pub, referring to others as ‘duck’. The first time I called someone ‘mardy’, who lived down south, I was met with strange complexions (you call someone mardy when they are being grumpy, or ‘mardy-arse’ if they are being really grumpy).

However, I do not write about the North/South divide or much about my home town. My original tagline was there in an attempt to show myself as welcoming and quirky. A lot of my followers and readers of my blog are from the USA, so I do wonder what they think, or thought, ‘Ey up mi duck’ means.

Therefore, my tagline is now ‘A feminist fitness foodie with creativity on the side‘!

I have written many feminist articles since I started blogging, on contemporary topics such as body hair, body image and make-up. I am very interested in the relationship between sex and gender and how we represent ourselves in society. Many of you will know that I started this blog in order to track my fitness when training for my first ever 10km run, which was a great success! Since accomplishing the Race for Life, I am still aiming to become fitter and lose body fat. Being a foodie perfectly accompanies fitness, since our diet can affect our fitness too.

I couldn’t complete the alliteration in my tagline, so I ended it by putting ‘with creativity on the side’. One of my life goals is to publish my own collection of poetry, so I like to post my works on this blog. I haven’t been able to write any new material for a while, but once I’ve finished my dissertation, watch this space!

I hope you all like my new tagline, and I hope it appeals to more people, since you now know what you are in for my following me!

Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


4 thoughts on “A change of tagline

  1. Greetings from a fellow Midlander! Taglines can certainly be difficult to come up with – I myself tend to get hung up on being ‘original’. Best of luck with your hunt for a graduate job.

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  2. […] It wasn’t until about six months after setting up my blog that I decided to brand myself in the way I do today. I originally focused on my Leicester heritage as my identity, with the tagline ‘Ey up’ which refers to a colloquial saying ‘Ey up me duck’. After a while I realised that feminism, fitness and food are important parts of my identity, so I changed my tagline to how I am known today: feminist fitness foodie. […]


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