A morning that didn’t go according to plan

Sorry it’s been a while. As many of you know, I am currently writing up a 15,000 word dissertation (I have 29 days to go until it’s due!) as well as working part-time in a pub (the hours vary so I can get anything from 10-20 hours a week!). Since writing the blog when I started jogging again, I have been to the gym twice and jogging outside twice, as well as taking my dog Oscar for a daily walk. So overall I’m not doing too badly.

Oscar likes to sleep on my cuddly toys (yes, I still have toys)

I wasn’t sure what to write about really, but then I thought of posting something a little bit different. Just something that happened the other day, not a big deal, but I think worthy of posting about.

On Tuesday mornings at the gym I go to there is a 45 minute Zumba class. I like to go to this when I can because it is a fun way to work out, and the instructor and regular women who go are all lovely!

I had the perfect plan for Tuesday: go to Zumba, have a hot drink and a danish pastry in town for breakfast, go to work for a 12-3 shift then take Oscar for a walk when I get back home. I was going to go to Caffe Nero because I get a weekly free hot drink for being an O2 mobile customer. I thought it would be nice to relax after Zumba with a nice hot chocolate and a pain aux raisins before going to work for a short and sweet shift, but I couldn’t!

11774728_10153074043490954_1903113747_n (1)
Weekly hot chocolate at Caffe Nero

When I got to the gym, there was a sign at the entrance stating that there was no water and an engineer had been called. I tested some of the showers before starting Zumba and they were working fine. Just before we started dancing, one the ladies asked about the water situation and the instructor said that there might be some left in the tank for drinking water. I should’ve probably left at that point, but then the music started.

I wanted to stay for Zumba because I hadn’t done it for a while, and I really enjoy it. I left 10 minutes before it was supposed to finish and as I had thought earlier, there was no water at all coming out of the showers! I was covered in sweat and there are no showers at work, so I had to get the bus, all sweaty, back home to have a shower. Luckily it only takes under 10 minutes to get to the gym so I wasn’t on the for long!

I could’ve caught the bus into town and still gone to Caffe Nero, but I wouldn’t have had as much time to relax and savour a hot drink. So I had a quick bowl of bran flakes and a cup of tea at home, then headed straight to work; Oscar still went for his walk!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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