Toasted bruschetta

On my way back home the other day I popped into a small convenience shop known as the Co-operative. I often go in there to see what is in the reduced section, and there were 3 small baguettes. At the price of 25p, you can’t go wrong!

Of course the following morning, they were starting to become hard. My mum and I had one each for breakfast, but then there was one left over. I was contemplating what to do with it. At first I fancied pâté,  but that would’ve meant having to buy some and consuming it all before tomorrow, as I am going to Spain for a week on Friday. There were some cherry tomatoes and a red pepper in the fridge, and then I thought, I’ll have a go at making some bruschetta!

Bruschetta is an easy dish to make, normally served as a starter in restaurants and at dinner parties. Usually bruschetta is made up of fresh tomatoes, but I am not a huge fan of them when they are not cooked. So for my version of bruschetta, I cooked the ingredients and toasted it under a grill.

I roughly chopped a red onion and a clove of garlic, and fried in a pan of oil on a medium heat. When they started to soften, I added chopped red pepper and cherry tomatoes, and left for a few minutes to soften a little.

The bruschetta topping

I sliced the baguette into four and drizzled a small bit of oil on each slice. I then spooned the bruschetta topping onto each slice. It wasn’t easy to keep the ingredients on top of the bread, as some bits kept on falling to the bottom of the grill pan, and not all of the slices would sit nice and flat! Before grilling I sprinkled some mixed herbs over the bruschetta slices.

Ready to be grilled with some stray bits!

After grilling for a few minutes, the bruschetta was ready to eat.

Toasted bruschetta

Bruschetta is easy to make, and is great for an alternative lunch time meal, or as a tasty snack. It made a nice change for me, as I normally eat salad for lunch, and I felt that grilling everything made it tastier. I have eaten bruschetta in the past before when the tomatoes are raw, but I much prefer the tomatoes fried/grilled.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


P.S. As I’ve mentioned already, I am off to Spain for a week on Friday. I will be travelling down to Stansted tomorrow with my mum and her friend, after I’ve finished work, then I’ll be meeting my dad, his friend and my dog Barney at Bilbao early Friday morning. I could do with a week of sunshine and getting a sun tan. I will more than likely write a blog about my holiday in Spain, so watch this space!



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