Mediterranean Vegetarian Quiche

I’m home alone this week, although I have my dog Oscar to keep me company. My parents have gone on holiday, but my mum will be back by the weekend, while my dad is away for a further 4 weeks on a camping holiday around France and Spain with one of his friends! For the past 8 years I have gone away with my dad and the dogs, touring around the coast of France and Spain (one year we reached Portugal!), but because I have a dissertation to write up this summer, I decided against going away for a long holiday. However, I will be going to Spain with my mum and one of her friends for the last week of July, where we will be staying in a villa with my dad and his friend while they are on their camping tour.

Being on my home does mean I can eat what I like, since I’m only cooking for myself. Many of you will know that I gave up meat for lent this year and since then, I have been working to reduce my meat intake by eating more fish and aiming to have only meal a day which contains meat. When my family is at home, generally my meal with meat in will be dinner, so breakfast and lunch is normally meat free. There are some days though when I will have no meat at all, which does feel good.

I picked up a small tray of Mediterranean vegetables on Saturday evening that was reduced to 30p- I couldn’t resist! There were supposed to be consumed on that day, but they were fine on Monday when I was able to use them. The tray was a serving designed for two people, which included onions, peppers, carrots and courgettes. So I had half with my evening meal on Monday night, and I saved the other half to make a quiche.

Half of the Mediterranean vegetables with some added sweetcorn

For the shortcrust pastry, I used 5 ounces of plain flour and 2 1/2 ounces of butter. Using my fingers and thumbs, I rubbed the flour and butter together, until it was all combined and looked like small breadcrumbs. I added a little bit of cold water and used a butter knife to start forming a dough texture. I then used my hands to rub it altogether into a ball, then left it in a bowl covered with cling film for about half an hour.

Shortcrust pastry

After cooking the Mediterranean vegetables, I added some sweetcorn which I had also cooked to go with my dinner on Monday. I mixed two eggs together with 150ml double cream and added about half a handful of grated red cheddar cheese. I then poured the vegetables into the cream mixture and stirred it altogether well.

Quiche mixture

When the pastry was ready, I rolled it out with a rolling pin and then placed it into a pastry dish which I had lined with butter. Before placing the quiche mixture in the pastry case, I blind baked it by using pasta shells for 10 minutes at gas mark 5.

Pastry ready for blind baking

Once the pastry was done, I removed the pasta shells and then poured in the quiche mixture. This went back into the oven at the same temperature for about 30 minutes.

Before cooking…
Hey presto!

This was the first time I had made a vegetarian quiche without consulting a recipe. It went pretty well and it tastes good too! In the past I have used milk rather than cream, but cream definitely gives the quiche a fuller and richer texture, with a bit more flavour as well. I think next time I could add a bit more cheese, but otherwise I got the quantities pretty spot on!

Yummy quiche!

Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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