I don’t know whether the weather will be… oh whatever!

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave, which is big news for a country which mostly experiences rain during the summer. To be honest, slight changes in weather wreak havoc for British citizens, such as travel disruptions and people complaining about it being too hot or too cold.

The weather of Britain does not please everyone, since no one really knows what the weather will be like in a single day. One of my favourite phrases to describe the weather is ‘it’s been a mixbag’, when you can get an experience of all four seasons in one day. And quite often the day starts off nicely and you think, ‘Great weather for a BBQ today’, but then by the time you have it, the weather is completely different.

A popular view of the British weather

I’m writing this short satirical blog because I’m wondering about the weather for Sunday, when I will be jogging 10km at the Race for Life. While the weather is susceptible to change in other countries like it frequently does in the UK, at least other countries have weather which is more predictable and stable, where you can plan a BBQ months in advance and know that the weather will most likely be in your favour.

The weather forecast currently states that there will be light showers and sunshine on Sunday, with an average temperature of around 20 degrees; now that I wouldn’t mind too much. I’ve jogged outside twice in the rain so far, and it is refreshing. However, due to the unpredictable nature of British weather, it could be a completely different story. Quite often the weather forecast will be incorrect.

An ironic well-timed photo in central London

Whatever the weather, I am determined to jog non-stop my first 10km at a Race for Life event!

I’d love to go outside right now and take advantage of this rare opportunity in Britain by sunbathing in the garden, but unfortunately, I have a 15,000 word dissertation to type on my laptop this summer, which I can’t really use outdoors!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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