A different kind of potato salad

When one thinks of a potato salad in Britain, we expect something like this:

Plentiful Potato Salad by Alana Sugar

H0wever, I made one very differently last night, and it looked like this:

A different kind of potato salad

When I’m at work or university for the day, I like to make my lunch the evening before. It saves time in the morning and means more time to sleep! Generally I like to have salad at lunchtime, which means lettuce is the key ingredient for me. However, there were no lettuce/salad leaves in the fridge, so I was tempted to make a pasta salad like the one I made recently, or even couscous.

In the end, I  decided to be experimental and made a potato dish for my lunch today, but not in the traditional way. I guess what I made looks more like a vegetable stew, or a bit like ratatouille with potatoes, but I’m calling it a potato salad!

To start with, I chopped up some new potatoes and butternut squash, and put them in a pan of boiling water over a medium heat. I left these to cook while I made the sauce.

Potatoes and butternut squash

I finely chopped a small red onion and fried it in a small pan of oil. When it started to soften, I added chopped courgette and cooked for about 3-5 minutes. Then I poured in half a tin of chopped tomatoes and a bunch of spinach leaves, gave it all a good stir and left for a further 5 minutes.

Red onion and courgette

When the potatoes and squash were cooked, I drained them and then put them into the vegetable sauce. I combined it altogether and left for a few more minutes on the medium heat to let it all combine. I then transferred it all to a plastic container and devoured the experimental potato salad for my lunch today.

I must admit, the flavours didn’t quite work out how I had anticipated. One of the ingredients gave off a strong flavour which didn’t quite work with everything else; I think it may have been the courgette. But I was being experimental, and you don’t know what something is like until you try it!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear



3 thoughts on “A different kind of potato salad

  1. It’s a vegetable stew rather than a potatoes salad. You didn’t need to put the spinach. The odd ingredient in it is the spinach not the courgettes because courgettes don’t have a strong flavour and they combine well with all the other ingredients. I never use cooked spinach because they are not healthy when they are cooked as they contain too much oxalic acid and their iron cannot not be absorbed by the body either. Spinach are healthy when eaten raw.


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