Lisbon with support from No! Disco and Deco

I love going to gigs and music concerts when I can, so when I found out that Lisbon were going on their first headline tour, I just knew that I had to go!

The gig was on at The Bodega in Nottingham last night, which is a great venue for upcoming bands, a bit like the Scholars Bar at the O2 Academy in Leicester where I saw Bipolar Sunshine earlier this year.

I always like to watch and listen to support bands when I go to gigs; that’s how I found out about Lisbon in the first place when they supported a band called Eliza and the Bear last year, again in Leicester.

The first support band last night was called No! Disco, an indie rock band from Nottinghamshire. They played some great songs, including one called Your Orange Car which I really like.

No! Disco

The next support band were called Deco, another local band from Nottingham who also play indie music. I absolutely loved the voice of the lead singer; he has a powerful voice and at times reminded me of the lead singer of The Temper Trap. Overall both bands delivered a brilliant performance, and I will certainly keep an ‘ear’ out for them.


And then the band I was most excited to see started playing. For their first show on their first ever headline tour, Lisbon certainly performed with passion and were fantastic. I fell in love with their music when I first saw them perform last year as a support band, but after seeing them last night, I’m even more in love now! I knew five of the songs Lisbon played so I sang along, but I can’t wait for them to release the new indie tracks they performed.

I couldn’t get a decent photo, but this one of Lisbon is pretty cool (quite fitting for their single Blue Love)

All of the bands were excellent and have great potential for the future. All of the band members were friendly as well, as the audience could chat to them after they performed. I even got two CDs and one of Lisbon’s set lists signed!


No! Disco wrote this lovely message on the cover of the CD I bought from them:


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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