Lunch made easy

I haven’t posted any vegetarian recipes for a while. This is because I haven’t made anything different to post on my blog but I’m still trying to eat more veggie options than meat. Generally I have at least 2 days meat free while the other days I aim to only have meat for one meal, usually for dinner.

The other night I decided to make a simple pasta salad. There wasn’t a lot in the fridge fresh salad wise for lunch the next day, and I hadn’t eaten a pasta salad for lunch for ages, so I made enough for my dad and I.

Simple pasta

While the pasta was cooking, I drained and rinsed a tin of black eyed beans, then cooked them in a pan of boiling water for about 4 minutes. I also cooked some frozen sweetcorn in a bowl of water in the microwave for the same amount of time as the beans.

After cooking and draining the beans and sweetcorn, I gently heated up half a tin of chopped tomatoes in a pan and then added the black eyed beans and sweetcorn. I also added a teaspoon of mixed herbs for a bit more flavour and a little bit of tomato puree to thicken the sauce up and add some more colour.

The sauce and veggie goodness all mixed in

When the pasta had a few minutes left to cook until fully done, I drained it, put it back in the pan and then poured in the sauce. I kept it all on a low heat and kept on stirring the pasta and sauce together for a few minutes.

Altogether now!

And presto… you have a simple vegetarian pasta salad!


Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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