Best time with a stitch of a problem

1 hour and 8 minutes!!!

That’s how long it took me to jog 10km non-stop outside this morning, my best time so far by 7 minutes!

I thought it would’ve taken me longer because I felt that I was jogging slower for a longer time, so that I didn’t tire myself out so quickly. But I thought wrong.

I had my snazzy new water bottle and put sun screen on as the sun was strong earlier this morning. The route I have been going is along a canal where there are lots of benches when you make your way past Leicester city centre, which are rather tempting when your legs are aching. But I continued, ignoring the temptation to sit for a breather.

During the 5k on the way back home, I started to develop a stitch on my lower left side. I was surprised that this hadn’t happened yet while training and I tried to ignore it and continue jogging, but the pain worsened. However, rather than stopping, I walked for a few minutes and the pain subsided.

I felt much better for it when I walked it off and it was easy to get back into jogging again. When I have stopped for a breather during previous jogs, I  have found it difficult to keep on going without stopping again. So in the event of a stitch during the Race for Life, I will walk it off, since my aim is to complete 10km non-stop!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear



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