Jogging fail!

I was determined last night to jog 10km outside this morning, but it didn’t work, according to plan. Many things affected my jog and as a result, I only did about 5km, a mixture of jogging and walking.

First off, I woke up feeling really thirsty. This was because I treated myself to kebab meat from the local chip shop after work and dropping my boyfriend off at the train station. I like the taste of it, despite how unhealthy it is, and I rarely have one. I was going to have sweet and sour chicken at first from the local Chinese, but it was quite pricey and much cheaper to get a kebab instead. Kebab meat is not just fatty, but contains a lot of salt. I aim to have little salt in my diet and when I do eat something salty, I definitely notice it by increased thirst.

I drank some water before going out, but stupidly, as I have been doing so far, didn’t take any water with me. Furthermore, summer has finally arrived this morning in Britain! It was warm at 8:30am when I went out and the sun was very strong. Having no water was obviously a silly thing for me to do, and I also should’ve put sun tan lotion on.

I was jogging along, feeling determined to do 10km, when I must have reached about 3km. My conscience was like the angel and devil, but instead it was reasoning and irrationality, or being sensible and being stupid!

How I felt this morning

I could have continued jogging, returning home feeling invincible after managing to complete 10km non-stop without drinking anything in strong sunshine. This is what my irrational side thought, but being sensible prevailed. I could have jogged 10km this morning, but I would have, most likely, caused damage to myself. I would have returned sun burnt and dehydrated. I decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

I turned back at 3km for a gentle return home, jogging for a bit, especially in shaded areas of the route, and walked most of the time. While I was annoyed at myself for not being prepared, this morning has taught me a few things about what I should do in the future, concerning lifestyle and fitness.

1. Always have water when exercising: I drink water at the gym, so I should when jogging outside (a bottle like the ones below would be ideal):

Available from Amazon

2. Apply sun tan lotion before going out when the sun is strong (maybe find a decent sun hat to wear while jogging outside).

3. Drink some water before bed: this is something I should be doing anyway, but I don’t fancy having to get up early in the morning to relieve myself. It will be better than waking up thirsty though.

4. Always be sensible: I’m surprised that I haven’t injured myself yet through training, such as pulling a muscle- this is probably because I stretch before jogging. I’m glad that I was sensible this morning, otherwise I would be suffering the consequences now.

Fingers crossed that the weather stays nice for tomorrow morning. I will jog 10km whatever the weather, and I will be prepared this time.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


4 thoughts on “Jogging fail!

  1. Such efforts require discipline and planning. It’s like going to battle. If you go into battle without preparation you are done. Instead of kebab that takes ages to digest and doesn’t provide energy you should have had a plate of pasta that is what professional athletes eat and of course take your water with you. Anyway I don’t think that jogging is for you as it’s not for me either. We are built for different kind of sport. As a suggestion the next time you could do the ten kilometres walking backwards. It’s a much better exercise than jogging, because you burn more calories, it’s fun, you can easily go at the same speed than jogging or faster and you will attract more attention from the crowd if you do it for charity because you’ll be unique. It’s practiced in China and Japan as a health activity. This is the link for info


  2. I shouldn’t have really bothered going for a jog yesterday, but I wanted to because I hadn’t been out jogging for a while.
    And what kind of different sport would you suggest?
    You know why I’m jogging and I’m actually enjoying it. My dad used to do a lot of running and jogging in his adolescence so he’s pleased that I’m taking it up. I’d like to continue jogging after the Race for Life.
    Sounds like an interesting idea, but I’m not a fan of going backwards. I’ll have to give it a try at some point though.


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