Surprised beyond belief

Today was the day that I was determined to jog 10km non-stop outside for the first time.

After an extra essential 15 minutes of beauty sleep, I was up at 7:45am. I got ready and did my usual stretches before going out for a jog, and had a cereal bar and a glass of orange juice. I never go out on an empty stomach and always have something to drink as well.

At 8:07am, I started jogging along the canal near where I live. I started off at a steady pace, since my aim for the Race for Life is to jog 10km non-stop. For the first half of my planned jog, a woman was jogging with a young blue roan cocker spaniel. This was lovely to see and somehow encouraged to continue going, since she and her companion were a bit further ahead than I was.

At the half way point, at a part of town called Frog Island, these two continued ahead while I turned back to complete the circular route. A few weeks ago I discovered a website called It lets you plan routes by marking points on the map while it measures the distance for you. I had been using Google maps, but this was not always effective as sometimes it is difficult to mark out routes that are not accessible for cars.

This 10km route is all along the canal through Leicester city centre. I would’ve taken some photos, but I am very minimal when jogging outside. I just have my iPod and a pair of headphones.

Some of the bridges I jogged across this morning © Stephen McKay

After reaching the half way point, it started raining. It was only light and lasted about 5 minutes, but it was refreshing and welcomed by myself.

The route is mostly quite flat, but there are several bridges, most of them fairly steep. At these points I slowed down my pace and took it steady, rather than trying to go at the same speed. I probably would have had to stop for a breather if I did so. For the 5km back, I did pick up the pace and felt comfortable. I have no idea how fast I was going, as I do not have a device to measure my speed.

During the whole jog I did not look at my iPod once to skip a track or check the time. I did the latter intentionally because I didn’t want to know how long it took me until I finished the 10km jog.

So when I finally reached where I started, I looked at my Ipod, expecting the time to be at least 9:45am; it was 9:22am! I jogged 10km for the first time outside, with varied gradients, in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes!

10k outside
Covered in sweat!

I was expecting to have completed it in a much longer time, because at the gym I have been jogging on a flat gradient and measuring my speed, in which my fastest time was 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I was overjoyed when I got back home, sitting down to recover while dripping in sweat and feeling my legs and feet throbbing. I have assured myself that I should definitely be able to jog 10km at the Race for Life on Sunday 5th July. This morning I felt so determined to jog the distance outside, and I did it!

Now that I’ve proven to myself that I can jog 10km comfortably outside, I just need to continue jogging that distance on different routes in the next 6 weeks. I have another 10km route planned on, which will be a lot more challenging as it is along the Great Central railway, and there are much steeper gradients than there are along the canal.

Happy reading and blogging!


Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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