10km again and a bit frapping mad!

Ever had one of those days where you feel invincible, and feel you can take on the world? That’s how I felt yesterday when I went outside for a jog. It was only a 4km circular route, so I decided to complete it the other way round. It felt easier to do, probably because the slopes go down more, rather than up. But it was good to jog down steeper slopes though since you have to take caution of your speed, and it works your glutes and biceps.

So today I decided to do the 10km again on the treadmill, which I managed to complete in 1 hour and 22 minutes. I did brisk walking at 6.5km/h for 1km, then increased it to 7km/h for 3km, then to 7.5km/h for 3km and then 8km/h for the final 3km! As before, I was sweating buckets and my legs were hurting. I was tempted to slow down the speed towards the end, but I am glad that I managed to keep it up.

One of the personal trainers at the gym, who was cleaning the equipment, observed me a few times while I was jogging away on the treadmill. Towards the end he asked me if I was training for a marathon, so I told him that I’m doing the 10km Race for Life on 5th July. He noted that I was jogging on a flat gradient, but I said that I’ve been jogging outside on varied gradients, and that I am not too concerned about how long it takes to complete it; I just want to be able to jog the distance non-stop.

He encouraged me when he said ‘Well done’, and it made the last km a lot easier. I found it amazing how talking to someone while jogging and sweating away made it feel easier. I guess it helped to take my mind off from my aching legs, and his encouragement really gave me a boost.

Despite succeeding at jogging this week, the diet hasn’t been so great, mostly concerning drinks. In the UK, Starbucks has recently held a nationwide event called ‘Happy Hour’, when all of its frappuccinos are half price between the hours of 3-5pm (until 6pm if you are a Starbucks member). This usually occurs annually, and their frappuccinos are really nice, so you can imagine how busy it has been for all of the Starbucks this week!

It just so happens that I have been within the vicinity of a Starbucks this week on… well, four occasions! I had the strawberries and cream one on Sunday in London, red berry yogurt by Nottingham train station on Tuesday and the caramel cream on Wednesday in town and today at university on campus. All of the ones I had were medium sized, even though I was told every time, why not go for the large since they are half price?

Caramel cream with a cute smiley face and what I’m assuming is a balloon

Of course frappuccinos are full of calories but are nice as an occasional treat, especially during the warmer months. I’ve just had them a lot this week because I wanted to take advantage of the offer- it’s the only time I ever buy a frappuccino from Starbucks. Occasionally I will have one from Costa, but more often from McDonald’s, where they are reasonably priced. I won’t go into a rant about how expensive coffee shops are and wonder why they get so busy…

So I’ve crashed my diet entirely this week by having four frappocuinos, but like I said, it’s only an annual thing, and I managed to jog 10km again today!

Finally for today, if any of you are interested in sponsoring me, the you can do through my justgiving page– any donations for Cancer Research UK will be greatly appreciated!

Happy reading and blogging!


Many thanks,

Clare Bear


2 thoughts on “10km again and a bit frapping mad!

  1. The reason why it felt easier when you run the other way round is that the mind respond better when there is variety in one’s training that is why if one jogs is always good to change route sometimes and this is valid for every sport.
    Coffee shops are busy and popular because it has become trendy to go to coffee shops but to drink too much coffee or whatever is no good. Basically coffee shops not only are ridiculously expensive but what they serve is junk food such as Frappuccino… I go daily to coffee shops but I never ever eat junk food, in fact I write critical essays against junk food and the eating habits of our age which are abysmal. Anyway if you want to read a good essay of mine on English coffee shops that I’ve just put on line and that it will be part of a new book this is it. http://controversialcook.com/?page_id=297

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    • I do aim to jog different routes, since variety is key in training
      Some of my university friends go to coffee shops to revise, since it’s a different environment to the library or their home study space, but also as you’ve mentioned, most people are glued to technology to communicate with others not present in the coffee shop, so it means it can be quieter sometimes
      Thanks for sharing your essay- it was a great read 🙂

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