Steamin’ hot

My alarm went off at 7 this morning and I didn’t want to get up at first. I missed my lift to the gym, as my dad leaves out around 7:15am and he drives past the gym on his way to work. My dog Oscar started barking so I got out of bed just after my dad had left. The weather has been horrible this week, but the sun was out, so I took advantage and went for a jog outside.

Oscar is lovely when he is asleep!

I hadn’t been for a jog outside for almost two weeks, as I was unwell all of last week. It was rather tough this morning. I wanted to have a go at 10km outside, but I got to the half way point of the 6km route that I’ve been doing, and had to stop for a breather.

I sat on a bench in the shade for what felt like five minutes, sweat dripping down my ears while I was people watching and admiring an owner playing fetch with their dog. I turned my head briefly over my right shoulder and was surprised to see something coming from my back- steam!

I’ve never seen this before, but it makes sense as I was really warm and it was cool in the shade. I found it quite comical when I reassured myself, as it reminded me of when my other dog Barney is running around during a walk when it’s cold, and lots of steam comes out of his mouth when he’s panting.

Barney around Christmas time last year

I extended my jog back home by taking a diversion, so I jogged around 7km this morning in about 55 minutes. I think I might have been attempting to jog a bit too fast, as I had to stop several times, but the route also has varied gradients. I listen to my Ipod when jogging outside, and quite often when an upbeat track or a song which really makes me feel motivated comes on, I tend to start jogging faster. Seems that music is getting the best of me (cue Sophie Ellis-Bextor)!

After a refreshing shower, I pondered what to have for breakfast. My mum was at home as well, so I considered what to have for the both of us. Then I thought of something which I haven’t had since February… pancakes!

In Britain, it is traditional to eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, the day before lent begins. However, every time this foodie event comes around, everyone wonders why we only devour pancakes at this time. I guess it’s like hot cross buns and mince pies. Despite these foods holding significance for certain days of the year, it is possible to buy them all year round,  such as in bakeries.

I rarely have pancakes for breakfast, but I fancied something different for a change. The mixture is very easy to make and you can eat them as part of a healthy diet, depending on what you serve them with.

The pancake batter I made this morning was enough to make six small thickish pancakes. I measured six ounces of plain flour into a large plastic bowl, and made a well in the middle. I cracked two eggs into the well and with a whisk, I whisked the eggs into the flour. I kept the eggs in the well whilst whisking, letting the flour become mixed in gradually.

Eggs nestled in a well of flour

When the mixture was becoming thick and gooey, I added some milk. I didn’t actually measure how much milk I used, but I added it until the mixture became smooth and without lumps. In the past I have made quite a thin batter which is ideal for large thin pancakes, but I wanted to have a crack at making smaller and thicker ones.

Pancake batter

I added a small amount of butter to a large non stick frying pan; when melted, I poured a ladle of pancake batter onto the middle of the pan. I’m a pretty good tosser so I successfully flipped all six pancakes without creating any mess.

Pancake in the process of cooking

I had a sliced banana with my pancakes, and I drizzled some honey on top. The pancakes tasted great with these on the side. Pancakes shouldn’t just be for Shrove Tuesday; they’re great for anytime of the year!

Yummy pancakes!

Happy reading and blogging!


Many thanks,

Clare Bear



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