Best of both worlds

Eating mostly vegetarian options is working pretty well at the moment. My dad’s realised that he needs to cut down on meat when he goes shopping, as I’m only having it occasionally. One example is ham.

My dad buys a packet of ham that is priced at £1.89, I believe, from Aldi, and you get quite a lot of meat in there. In terms of value for money, it’s better than buying a smaller pack of thinly sliced ham, as it’s quite thick as well. However, my mum doesn’t like this ham and my sister moved out last week, so it’s just him eating it (and the dogs sometimes).

In order to use up some of the ham, I made a vegetable pasta bake and included the meat for my dad, while I had white fish in mine. I made a fish pasta bake not too long ago, which was successful.

For the vegetable pasta bake, I fried onions and garlic, then added chopped carrot and butternut squash. When these ingredients had softened, I added some chopped broccoli, followed by two tins of chopped tomatoes, a teaspoon of sugar, a fresh basil leaf and a sprinkle of mixed herbs.

All of the vegetables minus the tinned tomatoes

While I left the vegetable mixture on a low heat, I cooked the white fish in a pan with butter. When the fish was ready, I placed half of the veggie mixture into the pan with the fish, and added chunks of ham to the other half.

The vegetable mixture with ham
The vegetable mixture with fish

After cooking some pasta for half of the recommended time, I stirred it into the two separate pasta mixtures. I could’ve placed the mixtures into separate dishes, but to save washing up, I put them into the same dish by putting the fish on one side and the ham on the other.

I sprinkled some grated mild cheddar cheese all over the pasta bake, and cooked for 20 minutes on gas mark 5. I remembered that I put the fish mixture on the left hand side of the dish and despite the melted cheese on top, I could see bits of ham of the right hand side.

The fish and ham pasta bake ready to be devoured

My dad enjoyed his ham pasta bake, and I enjoyed my fish one. So I managed to put the best of both worlds into one dish.

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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