Happy St George’s Day


I would have written a blog about St George’s Day, but I haven’t had the time today (I’m procrastinating from essay work right now!). The blog would have probably ended up being very extensive, taking lots of contemporary issues into consideration, such as why St George’s Day isn’t recognised as a bank holiday compared to the other saint’s days, why people in England appear to celebrate St Patrick’s Day but not their own (an excuse to drink, I guess), and how the English flag is becoming a symbol to represent the growing support of nationalism in the UK, particularly with the anti-immigration policies in the upcoming general election, Euro-skepticism and the EDL.

This all doesn’t seem very happy at all; I’ve made it sound like an unhappy St George’s Day. Despite all of this, I hope that one day it does become officially recognised as a bank holiday like the others one are, and for those who do celebrate this occasion, hope you’re having fun.


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