Get stuffed!

I’m still doing pretty well at eating meat only occasionally and having veggie options more frequently. The period of lent allowed me to be creative and experimental, trying out vegetarian dishes that I’ve always wanted to try. One of these was stuffed peppers, and I made some again tonight.

Yummy healthy dinner

My dad enjoys veggie food now and again, but because we have a lot of pork left over from a roast yesterday, he had some pork in the vegetarian mixture in his stuffed pepper. He had a red pepper, while I had a green one (these peppers taste great roasted).

Firstly I cut the tops of the peppers, aiming to keep it intact to act as a lid, and emptied all of the seeds out. Then I put them in boiling water for about five minutes to soften a bit.

Softening the peppers

For these stuffed peppers, I used an onion, a courgette, frozen sweet corn, some cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. I chopped the vegetables into small chunks, the fried the onions, followed by the cherry tomatoes. Generally I used tinned tomatoes, but there were lots of them in the fridge, so I opted for fresh today. I also added a teaspoon of sugar, thanks to controversialcook’s suggestion.

After the sweet corn was defrosted, I added it to the mixture, along with the courgettes and a finely chopped basil leaf. I had to pour in a little bit of water just to stop the mixture from drying out. Tinned tomatoes come with a lot of tomato juice, so water compensated for that.

The veggie mixture

For my dad’s pepper, I cubed up some cooked pork and stirred that into some of the veggie mixture. After both peppers were stuffed, they went into the oven with some thinly sliced parsnips and chopped butternut squash.

Before everything was cooked

After about 25 minutes at gas mark 5, dinner was served! Tonight I had a vegetarian stuffed pepper with parsnip crisps, roasted butternut squash and some new potatoes. Using fresh cherry tomatoes made the mixture taste nicer overall, compared to tinned, and the sugar probably helped as well.

Inside the pepper

I even had some veggie mix left, which I’m looking forward to eating with my salad tomorrow!

My lunch tomorrow!

Happy reading and blogging,


Many thanks,

Clare Bear


One thought on “Get stuffed!

  1. You have the thumbs up from controversial cook for this dish. An approval from controversial cook for a dish. for your knowledge, is worth a million times more that all the Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and the rest of those useless, pompous lot.


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