Off the scales!

I’ve had a busy week. I’ve been back at work after the Easter vacation finished; I’ve been attempting to write 9000 words worth of essays and my sister flew the nest yesterday! My muscles have certainly been getting a good workout from helping my sister loading up the van and taking her stuff into her new house, as well as starting to move my stuff upstairs into my sister’s old room. I can’t wait to settle fully into it- there’s so much storage space, especially for all of my clothes and shoes!

There’s no such thing as too many shoes, right?

I wrote recently about my lifestyle, that I was still trying out the weekly average method of weighing myself. Last week’s reading seems to show signs that this method was working, but this morning, it was just obscene; my body weight this morning is six pounds heavier than the weekly average!

As anyone would, I recalculated it several times, but I was getting the same result. My body weight has not fluctuated that much during the past week, up and down a pound or two but nothing off the scales like the weekly average.

In all honesty, I am fed up with weighing myself every single morning. I grew accustomed to it and did it automatically each time I got up, but personally I’m not feeling the benefits and it’s not helping much in my aim to lose weight. It’s depressing more than anything. So I’m going to revert to my original method of weighing myself once a week on a Saturday morning.

More specifically, what I want to lose is body fat, particularly around my stomach and my thighs. In order to do that, I need to build up more muscle around those areas, so doing, for example, ab crunch exercises and squats.

My family has always, for as long as I can remember, put summer clothing in a suitcase which goes in the loft once it starts to become cooler. So it is always exciting when the suitcase comes back down; my memory of what I wore last summer regurgitated, although I was not happy.

I feel embarrassed that some of my shorts from the summer last year are quite tight around my waist. It is natural of course to put weight on during the winter months, since it is colder and body fat helps to keep us warm. However, as I’ve mentioned before, I have put on a stone since I came back home last July after living away from home for my undergraduate degree.


This is another incentive to shed some pounds, as I was delighted to fit into smaller clothes last summer, after working hard at weight loss. I’ve done it once before successfully, so I can certainly do it again. With the Race for Life approaching, I better get my skates on and build up muscle, not just to lose body fat, but to jog 10km!

Happy reading and blogging,


Many thanks,

Clare Bear


One thought on “Off the scales!

  1. One can become obsessed with one’s weight and a slave of the scales if one keep weighing oneself everyday. It’s a bit like somebody who thinks that his/her nose is too big and by looking at it each day in the mirror thinks that is getting bigger. Weight fluctuation is a normal thing that depends from a variety of factors and is usually more noticeable in people who are naturally on the round side. One can loose weigh by jogging but it’s a lot of hard work besides once the body is used to the jogging routine it stops loosing weight. One can also tone and strengthen the muscles of a particular part of the body with exercise but not loose weigh in a particular part of the body because when one looses weight the weight is lost at the same rate all over the body. The best way to loose weight is by eating strategically without loosing the joy of eating which would be a mistake. There are many eating strategies, for instance you could start your meals with a large salad thus filling part of your stomach with it and then finish with other foods. It’s a very healthy way of eating because it stimulates the enzymes needed for digestion and a good way to loose weight because one in such way ingests less calories. Weigh loss is all about calories when I’m confronted with a choice of foods I always choose the less caloric and less fatty which usually happen to be the tastiest too.


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